Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder is a rare disorder characterized by emotional instability and a high level of desocialization. Take the test and find out how stable your psyche is. This test doesn't replace medical diagnostics.

You're often prone to dependent relationships.

Have you ever spontaneously spent a great sum of money?

No, I try to think major purchases over

Sometimes there's a huge temptation

It happened

Assess you self-discipline

Is your self-esteem low?

Don't think so

Sometimes I worry about it

Yes, I suffer from it a lot

It happens that sudden joy replaces deep sorrow

Are you afraid of expressing your feelings?

Not at all


All the time

When someone is looking at you, decrease the distance, how does your face look?

Did you have one-night stands?

How many times did you think about suicide in your life?

Are bursts of uncontrollable anger typical of you?


Rarely because of exhaustion

It happens

Assess your impulsivity

Are you sometimes confused about your feelings, goals, sexual desires?

I know myself and my desires

Sometimes it seems I'm not sure, sometimes I'm confused

This is definitely about me

You often have unstable and strained relations with relatives, colleagues

How many times a week do you have the feeling of intense intense sorrow, voidness?

You often think that emotions and desires are not important.

How do you look when you're told about sudden changes in the nearest future?

Your psychics is all right!

Your nervous system is strong and psychics is stable. We're sure there are no reasons for worrying. Keep it up! Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You should take more care of your health!

Psychic health is equally important as physical one. And your stress can sap it. Pay attention to relaxation, yoga and psychic treatment. Probably, the specialist's consultation will improve your well-being. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Probably, you should consult a psychotherapist

Following your answers, you have some symptoms of borderline personality disorder. If it stops you from living your life, the professional's help can improve your life quality. Wish you health and wellness! Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)