What Fashion Trend Should You Try In of 2021?

What Fashion Trend Should You Try In of 2021?

Do you consider yourself stylish? Let's find out how well you know the fashion trends the year 2021 will bring. Learn about the latest developments in the fashion world and spice up your wardrobe!

Which accessory will be trending in 2019?

Hurray! Bandanas are back! If you're nostalgic about the 90s, don't hesitate to tie a colorful bandana on your bag, leg, hand or neck! Bandanas will be everywhere this summer!




Will the ultra short mini skirt make a comeback in 2019?

This year, you might think about showing more leg! How come? Because short sexy dresses are replaced with another bold trend - the ultra mini! Get ready!

Of course!

No way!

Which jewelry will be trending in 2019?

Not all that glitters is gold! In the new season, silver will shine the brightest! Sequins, metallic belts, and mail armour have already made their appearance at Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Saint Laurent, and Ashish fashion shows.



Which footwear will be trending in 2019?

In 2019, fashionable footwear will have a massive sole that looks like it's being squashed under a person's weight! Such footwear was seen at Prada Fall-Winter 2019. Fragile models in elegant dresses were striding the catwalk wearing miltary boots.

Massive boots


Which sunglasses will be the top choice in 2019?

Forget big glasses covering half of your face while you're being chased by paparazzi. In the upcoming season, small narrow sunglasses will be an absolute must!

Which combination of clothing items will be preferred in 2019?

Have you seen the pre-fall collections? A dress with trousers will be the hit of the upcoming fall! Last year, fashion icons were wearing single-color outfits consisting of minimalist dresses and flowing trosers. Now it's getting more exciting! Proenza Schouler suggested combining leather dresses with jeans and "predator" dresses with classic trousers.

Gym shoes and skirt

Gym trousers and blouse

Dress and trousers

Which color will be trending in 2019?

Red mini dresses, crimson fur coats, scarlet blouses, and blood-red boots... Designers have - again! - fallen victim to a dramatic color. What are you waiting for? Red is the new black!

Light blue



Which print will rule supreme in 2019?

Classic checkered print will dominate in the upcoming season. This print has a long and rich history. It was used by Gucci (in its kitch collection) and See by Chloé. Bombers and trousers, jackets and tiny skirts - grey checkered pattern looks great in any situation.




Which sports clothing item will dominate in 2019?

Cycling shorts are conquering the catwalks all over the world! This versatile clothing item was featured on several Spring-Summer 2019 collections. весна-лето 2019. Cycling shorts match both sneakers and heels.

Cycling shorts


Gym trousers

Which body part will designers accentuate with clothing?

In the new season, designers focused on sophisticated clothing items while maintaining the volume. Shoulder frills increase sleeve volume and shoulder width, which is a throwback to the 80s. However, some obstinate designers refuse to limit their creative endeavors. Look at the shoulders in Gareth Pugh and Annakiki collections! Plus, check out the Zimmermann collection with their Victorian-style voluminous shoulders.




Will the leopard print be in style in 2019?

Animal print is the neverdying classic. Check out these leopard prints in different colors, including acidic ones!

Of course!

No, it's tasteless!

Which is the most popular fur of the past and future seasons?

Artificial fur has been trending for years now. In the 21st century, people are thinking not only about themselves but about animals too. Killing millions of innocent animals for fashion is a horrible crime. Both high-brow brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Prada, and mass market brands like Zara, Guess, and Mango stopped using natural fur. Nowadays, catwalks are dominated by beautiful outfits made of artificial fur, which is just as pretty as natural!



Your style, your trends!

You don't follow the latest trends. You have your own style! Maybe you learned something useful from this quiz, though! It's never too late to spice up your wardrobe!  

Seasoned fashion fan

Wow! You know almost every fashion trend of 2019! You must look stunning in your stylish outfits!

Giorgio Armani, is that you?

Fashion is a big and sophisticated world but you seem to know it perfectly. Keep on going!