Quiz: Do You Know What These Words Actually Mean?

Quiz: Do You Know What These Words Actually Mean?
Even if English is your first language, or if you speak it perfectly, you may not know some words. Even native speakers can learn that familiar words sometimes have unexpected meanings. Let's see if you can guess the meaning of some of the words we collected in our quiz!

Retailers want people to feel “emacity.”



If something is “canorous” it is…

hard to please


often outdoors

in love with cans

A woman who hopes for a baby hopes that she is “fecund.”



Which of these could be described as “viscous”?

Bubble gum



Red wine

“Defenestration” is a good thing.



If someone is “recalcitrant” they are..

eager to help



easy to please

When does the “denouement” come?





If you are “supine” you are…



not very nice

lying face up

What is the correct way to identify “petrichor”?





What are you doing when you “bombinate”?

Dropping bombs

Riding a bicycle downhill

Making a humming or buzzing sound

Dancing wildly

What does “limerence” mean?

You like limes

You don’t like limes

You are infatuated with someone

You walk in straight lines instead of around the circumference

What do you do with a “comestible”?

eat it

read it

dance with it

sleep on it

What would you describe as being “mellifluous”?

a taste

a shape

a sound

a smell

Which of these sentences correctly uses “ephemeral”?

I don’t care what you think. I am going to ephemeral it anyway.

This is taking forever; it’s so ephemeral!

I wish this night didn’t have to be so ephemeral

Don’t you point that ephemeral at me!

Who is known for having a “commodious” handbag?

Nicole Richie

Mary Poppins

Kim Kardashian


What is a “monastic” lifestyle?


all of the above



What are “halcyon” days?

days when you depressed

happiest of your days

days when you lonely

worst days of life

What does it mean to be “zaftig”?

full, rounded figure

crazy smart

stick thin

quick moving

What would you do with a “pastiche?”

eat it

swim in it

admire it

throw it away

Parents want their children to be “miscreants”.



What is a “rapscallion?”

someone who hates scallops

a mischievous person

someone small in stature

an onion with flow

What does it mean to be “punctilious”?

attentive to detail


often late


Which of these is a correct usage of “nefarious”?

The police are on to your nefarious activities.

The nefarious children were given candy for their good deeds.

He was given a medal for his nefarious work.

Don’t you point that nefarious thing at me!

If someone is “lachrymose” what do they do often?


drink milk



How would you define “flotsam”?

things the sea washes up on shore

evil character in Little Mermaid

wreckage of a ship or cargo floating at sea

things that float in the air

Which of these correctly identifies the word “zenith”?





What does it mean to be “stalwart”?





It is a good thing to be “pernicious.”



What does “ostensible” mean?




appears that way, but not necessarily

We all originated in a “zygote”.



“Qi” is more than a useful scrabble word. What does it mean?

a type of medicine

go swimming

stem a tirade

circulating life force

How would you characterize “munificent”?





A “termagant” is what?

a failed test

a harsh-tempered woman

a bug that bites

a kind of fruit

What does it mean to do something under “duress”?

to not fully understand

to do so eagerly

to do so quickly

to be pressured

Which of these uses “inchoate” appropriately?

He thought they were done already. The plan was inchoate.

He wasn’t yet ready to share his inchoate plan

I really wish you wouldn’t inchoate all of the time.

She hoped he was feeling inchoate today.

If you are a “haberdasher” you…

eat too much

are in a hurry

deal in clothing

cook great food

What is a “fen?”

kind of fiddle

kind of cheese

low, marshy area

rugged, mountainous area

When something is “ubiquitous” it is…

hard to find

louder than normal

difficult to understand

found everywhere

What does it mean if something is “exigent”?

looking to leave

has dry skin

demanding immediate attention

making amends for

What are you if you’re a “polyglot”?

unwilling to change


holding things up

able to speak many languages

Language Lesson

It seems that this test has become a real lesson in English for you. Most of today's words you've never even heard, so you didn't guess their meaning. But it doesn't matter, because now you know more and can use them in your everyday speech! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Good Vocabulary

You are not bad at complex words, but this test was a good repetition of English lessons for you. You know the meaning of some of the words, but you may have already forgotten about them, since you do not use them in everyday life. Now you will do it more often and surprise your interlocutors! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

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You are well versed in complex words and, moreover, use them in everyday life. Your interlocutors are often lost, because they do not understand what is being said. But your knowledge of English is admirable! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!