How Well Do You Know The Women’s History?

How Well Do You Know The Women’s History?
What would the world be like without women? After all, there would be no history without them. The status of women has changed dramatically over the past hundred years, but a lot of people are unfamiliar with the history. Find out some great new facts and test your knowledge with this test!

Who wrote the Statement of Purpose for the founding of the National Organization for Women?

Gloria Steinem

Betty Friedan

Maya Angelou

Yoko Ono

What was the name of the first lesbian political and social organization?


Del’s Daughters

Colvin’s Club

Daughters of Bilitis

In what year did women first compete in the Olympics’ field events?





What prompted the nickname “flappers” for women in the 1920s?

They flapped their shirts up to expose bras

They wore short skirts, bobbed their hair

They flapped their arms like birds when dancing

They flapped their lips

Who was the woman at the head of a campaign to fight the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?

Crystal Eastman

Alice Paul

Martha Griffiths

Phyllis Schlafly

What was Margaret Sanger’s main cause?

Fighting for rights of institutionalized women

Birth control

Votes for women


What made the entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker famous?

Hair straightening process

Diaper pins

Butter churn


Which territory or state in America was the first to grant women suffrage?




New York

Who penned the abolitionist book Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

Harriet Tubman

Louisa May Alcott

Margaret Mitchell

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Name the first female doctor in America.

Dr. Ruth

Dorothea Dix

Elizabeth Blackwell

Abigail Bush

What was the first college opened for women?



Mount Holyoke


Who is the Indian woman who accompanied Lewis & Clark’s 1804-06 expedition?





A woman was America’s first published poet.



Which of these could be used to describe Harriet Tubman?


Underground Railroad Conductor


All of the above

When was the first Women’s Rights Convention held?





When was Title IX passed?





Who was the first American female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

Amelia Earhart

Mary Earhart

Charlie Lindbergh

Mary Lindbergh

What year was the first in which the US sent more female than male athletes to the Olympic Games?





When was the first college course in women’s history offered?





The first team at any level to be paid to play baseball was all-female.



Who was the first American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize?

Louisa Alcott

Jane Addams

Abigail Smith Adams

Maya Angelou

What did the WASPs do during World War II?

Army Services

Volunteer Emergency Service

Coast Guard

Airforce Services

Which amendment gave women the right to vote?





Which famous feminist was also a Playboy Bunny?

Gloria Steinem

Camille Paglia

Andrea Dworkin

Germaine Greer

What was the original cause of the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Women drivers in Iran

Peaceful compromise

Equal rights for left-handed women

Education of women and girls in Pakistan

Which of these women helped co-found NOW, the National Organization for Women, in 1966?

Maya Angelou

Marlene Dietrich

Coretta Scott King

Coco Chanel

Who was the first female co-host of a news show?

Barbara Walters

Connie Chung

Kelly Ripa

Gloria Steinem

What is the name of this famous WWII fictional female?

Wendy the Welder

Sandy the Sailor

Jeannie the Janitor

Rosie the Riveter

Which First Lady is credited with being the first to take an advocacy role in the White House?

Eleanor Roosevelt

Pat Nixon

Barbara Bush

Hillary Clinton

The Second Sex was well received globally when released in 1949.



What writing was suffragette Mary Wollstonecraft best known for?

Frankenstein’s Return

Vindication of the Rights of Women

The Second Sex

Ms. Magazine editorials

Who was the first woman elected to Congress?

Hattie Caraway

Margaret Chase Smith

Rebecca Latimer Felton

Geraldine Ferraro

Which of these women was not an early suffragette?

Susan B. Anthony

Victoria Claflin Woodhull

Naomi Woolf

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

What was the name of Sojourner Truth’s now famous speech?

My Narrative

Doll’s House

Ain’t I a Woman

Shadow of Substance

Who wrote The Feminine Mystique?

Gloria Steinem

Danielle Steele

bell hooks

Betty Friedan

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