Does He Like Me More Than A Friend?

Does He Like Me More Than A Friend?
This question is a secret wrapped in obscurity since not everyone can read someone else's thoughts, even if you want to! You don't want to destroy your friendship, but what if you're ready to take your relationship to the next level? You've already asked all your female friends what they think about it, but our quiz will tell you the answer!

How long do you know each other in months?

When he's in the company of friends and you're passing by, how does he behave?

He smiles and waves his hand

He calls my name from afar, invites to join them

He comes up to me, asks how am I

And how does he behave in social media?

Writes funny comments to my photos, texts me for reason and no reason

Likes all the photos, watches my stories, texts something all the time

Sometimes he texts me, likes my photos

If you had a bad day and you tell him about it, what reaction do you expect?

He'll probably support me, give a hug

He'll give a smile and say that everything will be ok

He'll tap me on the shoulder, make a joke and offer to go out

Most often, you go out…

With a big company of friends


With a small company of friends

Who usually does text first?

I usually text first, but he always replies

I don't notice. Who cares?

He, of course

What do you usually talk about?

Studies, work, shared friends

Everything. From personal problems to his new shirt

What do you feel when you imagine you in a romantic relationship?

When your friends see you together, what do they say?

That we could be a good couple

They all say that it's complicated

That we laugh all the time

Do you notice where he usually looks when talking to you?

What does it mean? Right in the eye, of course

Don't know, I didn't pay attention to

A girl who stands behind my back. Well, she does look good

By the way, does he has a girlfriend?

Well, I don't know. Probably, no. However...

Of course, he has. Otherwise, why else I ask whether he likes me

He told me about someone, but I don’t think that it's serious

Theoretically, if you ask him out, what he can say?

Yes, sure. Let's meet at 7 p.m.

Well, not a bad idea. Great

This is love

You don't have to doubt here! He looks at you as if he wants to confess in everything he feels with his eyes. Don't you notice it? He wants to spend all the time with you and get to know you better. Just give him a chance, you'll probably make a beautiful couple! Tell your friends about this quiz. Probably, they also have the same question!

You have a chance

It's still hard to call it love, but there's affection in your relationship for sure. You just need to give a chance to these feelings - to spend more time together and get to know each other better. Who knows, maybe, you'd make a beautiful couple. And if no, you'll be able to keep your strong friendship anyway! Tell your friends about this quiz. Probably, they also have the same question!

Friendship only, nothing else

You're great friends. You spend a lot of time together, share your secrets, laugh all the time and struggle with failures together. This is definitely an amazing relationship, but, alas, there's no crush. You perfectly match each other as friends, so why should you look for something more? Just enjoy your company! Tell your friends about this quiz. Probably, they also have the same question!