Can You Pass This Dog Trivia Quiz?

Can You Pass This Dog Trivia Quiz?
Dogs have been living with us so long that we are used to seeing them every day. So many legends have appeared that may be true, or tall tales! Let's check how well do you know dogs and if you can differentiate fact from fiction!

The world's tallest dog is 230 cm tall. Is it true?

So far, blue dane George was the world's biggest dog, he was 1,1 m tall, body length - 2,21 m, weight – 110 kg.

Yes, that's true

No, this is too much

How did chihuahua get their name?

Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs known for their courage. They got their name from a state in Mexico where they are from.

They are named after a person who developed this breed.

After a place where these dogs are from.

It's just a bunch of letters, it doesn't mean anything

This is a word in the language of Maya, it means small

How many dog breeds are there?

There are officially 703 dog breeds in the world.

About 1200

Not so many, about 150

It's impossible to count

About 700

How do dogs see this world?

It has long been known that dogs are achromates because they lack cones on the retina, which answer for the perception of the red and orange spectrum. Instead, they discern all the shades of grey better than we do.

Why do dogs have a wet nose?

The dog can divide the total flow of smells into components to discern the necessary one. The smelling sensibility is so high that the dog can catch a billion particles of the sought stuff. Moisture on the nose help to grasp smells better and follow them.

To catch smells better

It's cute

It indicates the dog's mood

For thermal regulation

What does prevent the dog from overheating?

Dogs regulate the body's temperature by the tongue. That's why tight muzzles, which prevent a dog from putting out the tongue, can result in the dog's death because of overheating. The dog uses an interesting way to satisfy thirst: it drinks water with the tongue rolled in the form of an upturned spoon. We think it's inconvenient but it feels ok.

It wags the tail when it's hot

Dog's tongue

Thermal regulation is effected through the ears

Special nerve terminations on paw pads

Does the breed of Chinook exist?

Chinook is the rarest and little-known dog breed. In 1981, when it was decided to recover the breed, there were just 12 representatives of the breed. Even today this breed is on the verge of extinction. Eskimo dogs are in the same situation.

Yes, but it is very rare

No, there's no such a breed

What does the FCI mean?

Fédération Cynologique Internationale is created to develop and protect cynology and pure-bred dog breeding. It's based in Thuin, Belgium.

Federation's Canine Institution

Festival Canine Icon

Fédération Cynologique Internationale

Federation's Classification of Illnesses

Which dog senses are developed better?

Sensitive hearing and fine sense of smell allow the dog to feel the slightest changes in the atmosphere, that's why our four-footed friends can forecast the weather.





What dog part does secrete sweat?

Sweat secretes through paw pads in dogs, due to this microorganisms gather there, whose life activity creates a specific smell





What food product is forbidden for dogs?

Chocolate and raisin can harm the dog's body even in small amounts. These two products provoke severe diseases since they're not split by the dog's body.

Apples and onion

Bananas and pineapple

Carrot and beet

Chocolate and raisin

Beginner dog handler

The dog club is still closed for you. It's so easy to baffle you, telling the most incredible stories that it seems you don't know anything about dogs. Most likely, you're a beginner and just started to learn four-footed friends. Well, you have a lot of interesting information ahead and you already know several facts thanks to this quiz. Tell friends about it. Will they pass the dog knowledge exam?

Professional Cynologist

Probably, you are the chair of a dog club. And at the same time you're a caring owner, the best friend of your pet and just a very enthusiastic person. We hope, at least a couple of facts from this quiz were new and interesting for you since it's impossible to know everything! Tell friends about it. Will they pass the dog knowledge exam?