What Engagement Ring Is Right for Me?

What Engagement Ring Is Right for Me?
Do you think about your wedding all the time? Of course, you want to think everything through, as it should be perfect. The engagement ring is a sign of love and loyalty, this quiz will help you determine which style suits you best!

Do you plan to wear the engagement ring every day?

Yes, of course. Why else should I need it?

No, I will put in on only on special occasions.

Yes, it will be like an accessory. No one will understand that it's an engagement ring.

Probably, yes. It will remind me of our love

Can you afford to buy the ring of your dreams right now?

No, I need to save money

I think, yes. I have enough money

Yes, the price doesn't matter much

Yes, the simplest one. But I don't want the simplest one.

What is wedding for you?

A day only for two of us

A nice party

The grandest event of my life

A day when your love will become even stronger

Choose a photo, which describes your everyday style better:

Do you want your rings match?

Choose a word, which describes your wedding better:





Who do you want to invite to your wedding?

First of all, all relatives, then close friends

As many guests as possible

A close circle of the closest ones

As many of our friends as possible

How will your wedding look?

How much time are you ready to spend on the search for that very ring?

It's important for you that your engagement rings…

Are not boring and banal

Match your couple

Are comfortable to wear

Excite general admiration

Strict classic

You have quite a tender attitude to everything related to your wedding and want the ceremony to happen perfectly like in your favorite movie. You don't want to risk, especially on such an important day, that's why choosing the engagement ring it's better to rely on classics. For example, rings in the form of a smooth strip are quite conservative but no less elegant than any others. Tell the friends about this quiz, let's choose rings for them too!

Rings with jewels

Wedding for you is a unique and matchless event. It happens once in a lifetime, that's why you need to do everything to remember this day and not to spare neither money nor time and effort. You can choose a ring with jewels offhand - as a rule, diamonds or semi-precious stones, transparent or of light shades, are used for this purpose. You'll definitely save the memory of this day for the rest of your life. Tell the friends about this quiz, let's choose rings for them too!

Engraved rings

You dream to make your wedding unique and matchless, one-of-a-kind, since you are - the happiest newly wedded couple. Then, engraved engagement rings are what you need - no one will have the same ring. Any memorable phrase or expression, the wedding date, the lovers' names, safe words in English or any other language - all this can be engraved on inside or outside of the ring as a memory dear to your heart. Tell the friends about this quiz, let's choose rings for them too!

Bold solutions

You like experiments and are always open to something new. Wedding for you is not just a traditional ceremony with relatives and friends but a nice party when you can bring any ideas to life. That's why the rings of unusual shape or colors made of interesting materials fit you - the ideas can be various so your fantasy can run wild! Tell the friends about this quiz, let's choose rings for them too!