Fun Chemistry Quiz

Fun Chemistry Quiz
When it comes to chemistry, most people think about flasks, measuring tubes, and the periodic table. However, chemistry is much more than that. Imagine the exciting experiments you can do! Take this quiz to embark on an amazing journey through the universe of chemistry. Let's go! 

While some people prefer to drink water, others love Coca-Cola. What will happen if you mix milk and Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola is rich in phosphoric acid. When phosphoric acid reacts with the proteins of milk, we can see a precipitate forming. The precipitate looks like brown flakes.

Cotton cheese will form, and the liquid will turn green

The temperature of the liquid will rise, and hydrohen sulphide will form

Precipitate in the form of flakes will form, and the rest of the liquid will turn almost transparent

There will be an explosion

Why do firefighters use foam, and not water to put out burning plastic or fuel?

At the temperature of thousands of degrees, water splits into the molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. That encourages burning even more.

Water is heavier and therefore using it is more time-consuming

They save water

Water may catch fire

Foam is more effective because it lets oxygen come to the burning surface

Imagine that you're passing by a burning litter bin. There is no water or fire extinguisher around. However, you have a bottle of Coca-Cola. What will happen if you try to put out the fire with Coca-Cola?

The Chinese firefighters showed how to put out a fire without a fire extinguisher. All it takes is an ordinary bottle of soda. You need to shake it properly, open it and disperse the foam over the fire. Soda contains carbon dioxide that stops burning.

The flames will get higher

The acid will form and dissolve the litter bin

There will be an explosion

The fire will go out

Cooling sodium acetate below the congelation temperature forms a liquid that can solidify at the slightest jolt. During the avalanche crystallization, heat is emitted and THIS is formed.

Here is another reaction you can observe. When congelated flux of sodium acetate reacts with a rugged surface or salt (on skin), there is an immediate crystallization accompanied with heat emission (a 0.5 litre bottle can heat up to 50°).

Dry water

Hot ice

Sour sugar

Sweet salt

What will happen if you add red cabbage juice to scrambled eggs?

Red cabbarge juice is a natural chemical indicator. When mixed with different substances, it changes its color. The concentration of red cabbage juice is also an important factor. If you add more juice, scrambled eggs will turn green. If you add less juice, the resulting color will be light blue.


Scrambled eegs will turn green

Scrambled eggs will smell of sour cabbage

Scrambled eggs will form into a ball

What do you need to inflate a balloon if there is no helium around?

You need to add some baking soda into the balloon (no more than 3-4 teaspoons). Then you need to add some vinegar into a bottle and put the balloon onto the bottle neck so that the soda remains in the balloon. Then you need to move the balloon so that the soda pours into the bottle. The vinegar will start to bubble up and form foam, emitting carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide will inflate the balloon. This is the reaction between acid (vinegar) and salt (soda). It's called a neutralization reaction, where acid and salt transform into water and carbon dioxide. As a result, carbon dioxide fills the space of the balloon.

Soda and vinegar

Salt and cognac

Sugar and wine

Analgin and cocoa

In the Bible, there is a story that is believed to describe a chemical reaction involving a combustible essential oil. According to another source, the reaction was triggered by oil deposits underground. Who witnessed that chemical reaction?

Once Moses was tending sheep. He saw bush that was on fire but didn't burn down. According to the Bible experts, it was combustible gas coming from the oil-saturated sands. The gas inflamed under the sun. Dancing flames looked like the branches of a bush. According to another version, it was a so-called "Burning Bush" that emits volatile essential oil. The oils inflames without harming the bush.





A so-called "jet car", made from a kid bike and large cart, managed to go 67 meters. To hit that record, its inventors Fritz Grobe and and Stephen Waltz had to use more than 200 litres and more than 1.5 kg of this substance as a fuel. What was that fuel?

Mentos gum has lots of tiny holes on its surface. The holes increase the number of chemicals reacting with each other. The reaction produces carbon dioxide in the form of multiple bubbles.

Coca-Cola and Mentos

Soda and vinegar

Activated carbon and mineral water

Aspirin and manganese

How do you put a boiled egg into a bottle, if the diameter of the bottle neck is smaller than the diameter of the egg? You must not break the egg or the bottle.

You need to shell the egg and lubricate the bottle neck with vegetable oil. Then you need to light a piece of paper and throw it into the bottle. Then you need to place the egg on the bottle neck. After the paper has burnt down, the egg will be sucked inside. Why does this happen? The fire burns the oxigen in the bottle. As a result, the bottle gets filled with thin air. Due to low pressure inside the bottle and normal pressure outside the bottle, the egg is pushed inside. Because the egg is soft and elastic, it has no trouble sliding through the narrow bottle neck.

Corkscrew, soda, aspirin

Paper, vegetable oil, matches

A piece of fabric, iodine, wood

Syringe, vinegar, menthol valerate

In Ancient China, people soaked mulberry bark, split it into thin stripes, and boiled them in lime solution for two hours. Then they broke the mass with hammers, added glue, poured water, and sifted the mass through a fine sieve. Then they pressed the substance than remained on the bottom of the sieve. What were the Chinese making?





Aspiring chemist

Your results leave much to be desired.... Maybe you don't like chemistry? On the brighter side, now you know so many interesting facts! You know whether you can put out a fire with Coca-Cola, how to cook green scrambled eggs, and what happens if you mix milk and Coca-Cola. After all, chemistry is an amazing science, don't you think? 

Chemistry lover

You're the one who listened to your chemistry teacher at school. Good for you! Have you ever thought of taking up chemistry as a profession? You already know so many things! You know whether you can put out a fire with Coca-Cola, how to cook green scrambled eggs, and what happens if you mix milk and Coca-Cola. After all, chemistry is an amazing science, don't you think? 

Chemistry expert

Your knowledge is really impressive! Chemistry must be your passion! You seem to know everything. You know whether you can put out a fire with Coca-Cola, how to cook green scrambled eggs, and what happens if you mix milk and Coca-Cola. We bet you'll make a great discovery and get a Nobel prize in chemistry one day! Good luck and stay inspired!