Everyone has a condom type that represents their personality - Which one are you?

Everyone has a condom type that represents their personality - Which one are you?


Take this quiz to find out which type of condom represents you the best! 

How would you define sex?

Intimate displays of vulnerability

Connection between people who love each other

Fun and casual encounters


In a group setting, you are more of a





You see your ex walking past you and there is no way you can avoid him/her/them. You

Ask your ex what is going on in their life

Ask your ex out for a meal

Pretend you don't recognize them with your head held high

Jump into the nearest bush

You are about to have sex and your partner is against the idea of condoms. You

blow up the condom into a balloon and pop it to create a sound that will wake your neighbours up

tell your partner that you are fine with any decision as long as you get to have sex

explain to them the benefits of wearing a condom during sex

insist that a condom is used or you're walking out

You are playing hooky from school. You have climbed to the top of the fence and notice that your teacher is running over and yelling for you to stop. You

jump to your freedom and flip your teacher off

jump to your freedom but vow never to break another rule again

climb back down and explain that you were helping to free a bird that got caught on the fence

go back to class and apologize profusely to your teacher while accepting any punishment coming your way

Durex Sensation (with dots)

You're fun, risk-seeking, outgoing, open-minded, and slightly dotty! You don't take yourself too seriously and that's a good thing! People who hang out with you know that they are always in for a good time!

Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive

You're a soft, sensitive soul who cares deeply about emotions and the people around you. Your friends confide in you because you are a great listener and offer the best advice!

Durex Comfort XL

Congrats! Charisma and Charm seem to be your middle names. You have a larger-than-life personality that is always the life of any party! You're a natural born leader that people gravitate around.

Durex Mutual Climax

You're extremely unselfish and willing to help your friends to the best of your ability. Besides being such a giving person, one of your best attributes is your perseverance to last in any situation you're in.