Can You ACE This Golf Rules Trivia Quiz?

Can You ACE This Golf Rules Trivia Quiz?
Have you watched numerous movies about cool businessmen who hold meetings at the golf course? Do you also want to learn how to play or do you just enjoy watching Tiger Woods? Take our quiz and find out how well you know the rules of this sport.

What is the maximal number of golfer's clubs in the bag when he can start a round?

A special club is designed for every situation in the game. However, the golf rules specify that there can be no more than 14 clubs in the bag, that's why it's accepted to think that the full set (of clubs) is 14 pieces.





Temporal water on the surface of the land (puddles after rain) is called…

Casual water is any temporary body of water on the course, which becomes obvious before or after a golfer is about to strike (dew or frost are not casual water).

Casual water

Temporal water


Unsteady water

A player or a team, which plays first with the tee has…

The privilege of playing first from the tee is a special right for a golfer who he/she earns with this playing. It's called honour – the honour to do the first strike from the teeing ground.





What term does designate scoring three under par?

Birdie - A score on a golf hole that is one less than Par. Eagle means scoring two under par. Bogey means the golfer made a score of 1-over par.





What is the hole diameter on the putting green?

Putting green is ground with short grass, where a few holes are cut out. It's located outside the playing area, as a rule, next to the driving range

96 mm

102 mm

108 mm

110 mm

Which type of clubs is used for a long range from the teeing ground or the fairway?

Wood is a club with a big head. The bigger the club number, the shorter handle and bigger the angle of impact surface's slope.





Who did introduce the "caddy" term?

Caddy is the golfer's assistant who carries his clubs and has a right to offer advice in the course of the play.

Bobby Jones

Jack Nicklaus

Mary Stuart (The Queen of Scotland)

Henry VII (The King of England)

What were the first golf balls made of?

Non-waste industry - you eat the goose and make a ball out of its feathers.



Hardened pigeon eggs

Boiled goose quills

How many golf holes does the champion course have?

The "hole" word has 2 meanings in golf: this is a playing area from the tee to the green inclusively and both a deepening in the green where a golfer makes his putt in.





When was PGA Tour established?

PGA Tour is the organizer of major men professional golf tours in the US and North America, including its flagship tour, tour champions and nation-wide tour.





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