Can You Identify These Celebrity Eyes?

Can You Identify These Celebrity Eyes?
Do you know the proverb - 'eyes are the window to the soul?' They are the most expressive part of the face, but is it possible to recognize a person only by their eyes? Let's see if you can recognize your favorite actors :)

Whose eyes are these?

This is blue-eyed Thor - Chris Hemsworth :)

Chris Evans

Chris Pine

Liam Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Who's that?

Of course, it's easier to recognize him by his lips but his eyes are also eloquent :)

Brad Pitt

Tom Hardy

Bradly Cooper

Channing Tatum

Whose eyes are these?

True Detective is recognizable at first glance

Robert De Niro

Matt Damon

Christian Bale

Mathew Mcconaughey

Who's that?

By the way, Idris was recognized as the most attractive man of the year. There's no way to mistake him for another man

Morgan Freeman

Idris Elba

Dwayne Johnson

Samuel L. Jackson

What's the name of this actor?

What can we do without splendid Magneto!

Daniel Radcliffe

Tom Hiddleston

Michael Fassbender

Hew Jackman

Who's that?

Recognized Deadpool? :)

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Gosling

Keanu Reeves

Tom Cruise

What's the name of this actor?

Adam Sandler, of course

Jim Carrey

Adam Sandler

Ben Stiller

Andy Samberg

Who's that?

A piece of cake!

Jude Law

Tom Hiddleston

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sebastian Stan

Whose eyes are these?

Irreplaceable captain Jack Sparrow

Antonio Banderas

Johnny Depp

Robert Downey Jr.

Ben Affleck

Who's that?

Did you recognize Leo?

Jason Momoa

James Mcavoy

Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt

Rare viewer

Sometimes you go to the movies to watch the most famous films but don't know actors. However, it can be fixed - follow the latest movies and get to know films, which became classical ones. Then you'll distinguish Tom Hiddleston from Michal Fassnebder and Elijah Wood from Daniel Radcliffe :) And now share the quiz with your friends and check their face memory.


You're good at cinema and actors but some of them have managed to put you off your stride :) Don't be sad and come back to turn the tables! And now share the quiz with your friends and find out whether they can exceed your result.

Experienced cinephile

How many movies are under your belt? We bet it's impossible to count them, otherwise, this result is hard to explain! You easily recognize a well-known (and not so famous) actor by his eyes, lips, voice, and so on. We take off the hat to the master and recommend you to share the quiz with your friends. They'll hardly outshine you, but let's check it :)

Whose eyes are these?
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Who's that?
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Whose eyes are these?
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Who's that?
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What's the name of this actor?
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Who's that?
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What's the name of this actor?
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Who's that?
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Whose eyes are these?
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Who's that?
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