Can You Spot The Most Expensive Jewel?

It's hard to believe how much a ring or pair of earrings might cost. The sums can be absurd, but cannot stop genuine connoisseurs. Think it's impossible to surprise you? You're probably wrong, find out here!

Which of these rings looks more expensive?

Prince Charles gave this ring to Princess of Wales for their engagement. Currently, the piece of royal jewelry is Kate Middleton's finger and estimated at $38,488. For today this ring is not only a very expensive piece of jewelry but also a historically important thing.

Find that very Aurora Green diamond

Aurora Green is the biggest green diamond, which was ever up for auction. Its price in May 2016 was $16,8M. The 5,03-carat diamond is framed with gold and a halo of pink brilliants.

Find the most expensive necklace

Created by Cartier House in 1928, the Patiala Necklace was made for Maharaja from the Patiala state. Unfortunately, the necklace vanished in the 40s and was found only in 50 years. In 1982, the De Beers diamond appeared at an auction in Geneva and was sold for $3,16M. In 1998, the remaining disassembled pieces of the necklance were found in a London's jewelry shop.

What does the most expensive blue diamond look like?

In spring 2016, the Oppenheimer Blue diamond was put on sale at almost $58M. It was the biggest blue diamond ever set for on auction. The diamond size is 14,62 carats.

Rings and necklaces are rinky dink. Find the most high priced cuff links.

The word's most expensive pair of cuff links was made by Jacob & Co - the jewellers known for their lavish creations. A pair of emerald cut canary diamonds weighed 41 carats all together and cost $4 195 000.

Which of these brooches is the most expensive?

In 2013, Graff Diamonds created a brooch in the form of peacock composed of over 120 carats of colored diamonds weighting 20 000 carats. The large blue diamond can be taken out of the brooch and wear it in two different ways. The brooch is estimated at $100M.

Crowns and tiaras are all incredibly expensive. Try to find the only one.

In 2011, a tiara Hannah Rothschild (the Britain's richest woman of her time) had owned was brought to the Christie's hammer in London for £1 161 200. The tiara known the Rosebery Pearl and the Diamond Tiara is composed of big pearls and diamond clusters, and the upper parts can be removed, if necessary.

Well, a cherry on top - the diamond. What's the most expensive?

The original Wittelsbacher's diamond (also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher) was a part of both Austrian and Bavarian royal house. In 2011, it was sold to the ex-emir of Qatar for $80M.


Shiny jewels attract you as much as others. You admire them, sometimes even wear, but you don't have a clue in terms of their value and properties. Well, they are eventually made to make people just feast their eyes on them. Tell the friends about your result, let's check their knowledge!


Nothing can escape your telescopic eyes. You don't just admire the beauty of shiny jewels but are excellent at their qualities and can surprise anyone with your knowledge. Tell the friends about your result, let's check how they'll manage this challenging quiz!