How can your handwriting determine your personality type?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
How can your handwriting determine your personality type?

Writing can tell a lot about a person. It is not so easy to understand all details of the graphology. But you can understand a little something. 

Are you ready to learn something new about yourself?

A sheet where I usually write is ...

A small piece of paper with ragged edges

An orderly page with smooth texts

Sprawling texts on any surface where I can write

Small illegible handwriting on a sheet of paper

The size of my handwriting is ...




Different: letters of different height and width can be in one word

When writing, I usually marginate ...


I do not marginate


It depends on my mood and a word length.

My pen pressure is ...

Strong, can leave marks on the next page.


Sometimes my handwriting is difficult to read.

When I am excited, I can press holes into the paper. When I am relaxed I can write very lightly.

My line direction is ...


Strictly horizontal

Aspiring up

Striving down

The elements of my handwriting are connected ...

Everything is clearly connected

I write all letters separately

I make bundles of 2-3 letters

Everything is changeable depending on the writing speed

A shapes of my letters is ...

Angle and sharp

Wickedly rounded

Soft and smooth

I write each letter in a special way, each of them is individual

My handwriting slope is

Weak left

Strong left

Weak/strong right

No slope

My signature is ...


With eyelets

There is emphasis


If there are any mistakes in writing, ...

I carefully cross out and write correctly in brackets

I feel free to cross out the mistake and write a new version right above it.

I fully paint the wrongly written fragment

I cross out the whole word and continue writing

My spaces are ...

Big always and the same


It depends on how many words I need to fit.


Capital letters and small letters are...

Almost identical, they differ only in form

I try to make them different in a shape and a size.

Absolutely the same

As it turns out, when I write, I usually hurry and do not pay attention to it.

You are a strong personality.

Your handwriting says that you are a purposeful and energetic person. You are prone to jealousy and extremely in love. Now, share the test results with your friends and see their results!

Stubborn person and thinker

Your handwriting says that you always defend your point of view. You are a straightforward person having a predominant logical mindset. You also find reason for a while and like to be digging into a wide variety of themes. Now, share the test results with your friends and see their results!

Impulsive struggler

The test results show that you are quite impulsive and ready to work to the last. You also always think through your actions, assess the state of affairs and play a winning game. But selfishness is also inherent in you. Now, share the test results with your friends and see their results!

Compliant introvert

According to the test results, you are an introvert. You are quite squeezed and tend to agree with someone's opinion. You are too loyal, so it is sometimes difficult to hit your targets. However, you are not ashamed to criticize other people. You are undemonstrative and reasonable. You have adequate, and sometimes even low self-esteem. Now, share the test results with your friends and see their results!