How Charming Are You? Quiz for Men

How Charming Are You? Quiz for Men
Charm is a special gift, which allows you to easily get along with people, make new friends, and be loved by all! A smile, attentiveness, and humor are the ingredients for the "Charm cocktail" Let's check how charming you are!

To convince a person in something you need to…


Make a good argument

An hour and a half of arguing and it's done!

What book do you have on your shelf?

You don't definitely expect to hear about yourself the following…

He's a rude person, doesn't know how to behave himself

He often looks sad

He's too clingy

You decide to meet with colleagues but one of you couldn't go to. In the midst of pleasure, the company starts to discuss the personal life of the person who failed to come. Your actions...

I'll crack a joke and try to lead the talk to another way

I'll stand up and try to attract attention somehow

I'll pretend that it's not my business. But I"ll listen to them all the same. That's so interesting!

You've made a mistake in your work. What the boss's reaction can be?

When I smile this way no one can be angry at me

I'll hope that the boss will be fine as a fiddle

Not a big deal, I said I'm sorry

What did you want to be when you were little?

An astronaut

A singer

An actor

How confident are you?

If you have to change the staff, what do you feel?

Of course, that's embarrassing in the beginning. Then it will be ok

They'll all fall in love with me as soon as I come into the office

I'm cool, that's not a problem, as a rule

Suppose, someone you've just met didn't hear your name right and makes a mistake when talking to you. How will you behave?

I'll pretend that I didn't notice. Or politely correct the person with a smile

I'll feel abashed a little, but then politely point at his/her mistake

I'll make a joke, let him/her think that I'm friendly

What's your main strength?

Great sense of humor



What humour do you have oftener?

You come to the party, acquaint yourself with new people, but someone puts you out of temper. You...

I'll tell this person everything I think about him/her and then become mad at myself

I'll play the role till the end. 'll just give a smile, although I'll feel a nuclear explosion inside

Nothing could help me if it's serious. I'll give him a 20-second head start and then run after him

You need to work on your charm

You certainly know how to make a good impression but the charm is not your strength yet. It's hard for you to stand unpleasant talks, smile all the time and control negative emotions. Instead, there's still room for growth and then your manners and likeable behavior won't leave anyone indifferent! Tell your friends about this test, how charming are they?

Happy medium

You achieved the level when your charm looks natural and appropriate. You can control your emotions and are doing fine in any situation, which doesn't look falsely or histrionically. You're always kind and tactful in relation to people around. It's not surprising that your smile and likeable behavior don't leave anyone indifferent! Tell your friends about this test, how charming are they?

Danger! Affectation!

You're certainly a charming man. Sometimes even too charming. Maybe you overreact, maybe you're really so positive and friendly that no one can believe it. Sometimes your radiant smile shares borders with falsehood and the notes of flattery can be discerned in your compliments. You should be more reserved, then your manners and likeable behavior won't leave anyone indifferent! Tell your friends about this test, how charming are they?