This Quiz Will Reveal Exactly How Cruel You Are

This Quiz Will Reveal Exactly How Cruel You Are
Stubbornness and self-confidence might lead to success. However, these characteristics might turn into contempt for others, cruelty, and lack of sympathy. Do you have any of these traits? Take this test to find out!

It's Monday morning. The alarm clock rings, time to get up! What do you usually think at this moment?

Woo-hoo, one more day to be happy!

Leave me alone, plz

I just want to wrack everything

When talking to a friend, you realize that he's wrong about something you discuss. You're 100% sure. What would you do?

Pretend I don't notice anything. Why fighting?

Will tactfully correct his mistake. If he disagrees, I will stick to my opinion

Will laugh at this weirdo. His gabble is funny!

Remember your childhood. Have you ever run away from home?

Of course! Police was searching for me three days in a row

Yes, but not far from my neighborhood


Can you be cordial with a person you dislike?

It's called hypocrisy. I'd better keep silence

It doesn't seems to be a problem. He would be glad as well

No way! I'd be honest with him

How does you behavior change after drinking alcohol?

I'm less shy and more friendly

I'm at ease and feel like there's no more boundaries

I change a lot, so I have to be moderate. Or I might end up fighting

How often do you feel a rage so strong that you want to hit a person?

What do you think about people who show their cruelty and rigidity?

Where would you go if you were free in the evening?

Ballet performance or museum

Hockey match

Boxing match

Do you want other people to be afraid of you?

Yes, it's the only way to get their respect

No. I want people to respect me. Fear has nothing to do with it

No. It's a wrong way

Would you agree to help a stranger if he asked you to?

Of course! Why not?

Depends on what I get

Why should I? I don't even know him

No one will be hurt

You wouldn't hurt a fly! What cruelty can we talk about? You don't have it! Your kindness and forgiveness make you a great friend and person who has no tendency to be aggressive or angry. You can't even think about hurting a human being! Are your friends the same? Share this test to find out!

Tamed cruelty

You're surely a bit stubborn and irritable person. Well, how can it be otherwise in the modern world? Without these traits you would have been wiped out. You can show cruelty and confidence if it's necessary, but never cross the line and hurt another human being. Are your friends the same? Share this test to find out!

Let sleeping dogs lie

Seems like it's better not to disturb you without a solid reason. It might lead to an actual disaster! Anything can be a reason of such a state of yours: anger towards the world, dissatisfaction with current situation, a traumatic experience. One thing is clear: you can be cruel and violent when it's not necessary at all. You could even hurt another person if you thought that he deserved it. Are your friends the same? Share this test to find out!