What Do Guys First Notice About You?

What Do Guys First Notice About You?
Are you stylish and attractive, or an ugly duckling? Take this test and find out how guys usually see you! i

Where do you often talk to the opposite sex?


On the Internet

In the friends' company

You want your boyfriend…

Take interest in my life

Has the same interest as mine

Be romantic and render

There is a nasty turn in the weather. How will you spend this evening?

In front of the TV

I'll go to the movies with a guy

I'll walk

A stranger is looking at you for long. Your reaction?

You like reading fashion magazines because of...

Colorful photos

News in the world of fashion and shopping

Gender relations tips

A young man - your crush - invites you to his place. What are the chances that you'll agree on a scale from 1 to 10?

Who should pay the bill on the first date?

Do you know how to cook?

Yes, I have a thing for it!

Do fried eggs count?

Don't like but can

What your text to a close male friend does start with?


Hey, you

How are you?

What clothing style do you prefer?

Object of desire

Perhaps, you don't have any problems with the opposite sex. You're used to be in the spotlight and don't doubt your irresistibility even for a second. Your self-confidence and ability to make eyes at attractive boys can be admired. By the way, they think you're tantalizing. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends pull it off.

A girl of mystery

Telling you're lacking for male companionship would be wrong. You catch interested glances every day but this doesn't mean that handsome boys rush for meeting you right off the bat. It seems the halo of mysteriousness you built around yourself not only attracts but baffle potential admirers. Try to smile oftener for a change and show your interest in those who you really like. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends pull it off.

A down-home girl

Dealing with guys hardly embarrass such a girl like you. Confess, you have many male friends but can't forge personal relationships? It's not surprising since guys are used to seeing you as another guy with whom they can roller skate, discuss football and laugh at dirty jokes. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends pull it off.