What Is Your Brain Actually Good At?

What Is Your Brain Actually Good At?
Different parts of the brain are more efficient depending on how you use them. Learn more about yourself by determining your most efficient brain functions with our quiz!

You hear a new song. What will you pay attention to?

What emotions it brings out in me


I always listen to the words

If it is catchy or not

You have an appointment at 19.00. It is a standard situation for you when ...

You never know what will happen

If we agreed to meet at 19.00, then I will get there at 19.00.

I leave my house in 10 minutes, I run there somehow

I will arrive at 18.50

You have a book in your hands. What will you pay attention to when you read it?

I try to understand some hidden meanings

What emotion it brings out in me.

Is the plot interesting?

I don't know, sometimes it just captures me

You want to cook something delicious. What will you do?

I always clearly follow the recipe

I follow the recipe but I can change ingredients to taste

I will improvise

 I mix a few recipes

What primarily catches your attention in the picture?

Combination of four elements

A person

One of the elements


Imagine that you open the closet and want to wear something. What color will your hand reach at first?





What time of year does your soul sing?


It does not matter


 It depends on where I am

Where do you dream to be now?

Alps. Skiing. Snow

Any old European town

Quiet deserted beach

I do not know. I just want to have itchy feet

What do you admire in successful people?

Mind and acuteness


Ability to anticipate results

Ability to work against the odds

What do you prefer?

Mathematical discussions

Art exhibitions

Sport competitions

Theatrical performances

Your room is usually ..

Clean and tidy

Overwhelmed with everything

There are many things there but I easily find what I need.

I have my own system - everything is arranged for my convenient

You decide to take a course. What will it be?

I want to learn magic tricks


Book club

Amateur physicists club

How do you describe your schedule?

Everything is planned down to the last minute

I always make lists of tasks that I need to perform during the day.

I will do something that inspires me

I have complete chaos in my schedule

Medulla oblongata

This part of the brain is responsible for functioning of the central nervous system. If you just imagine it, it looks like a small onion with diverging shoots. This is your nerve tissue. In short, you have well developed protective and unconscious reflexes. Your body itself is able to understand what is dangerous and what is not and, therefore, understand the critical situation. You quickly react to everything and do not let yourself get offended. In addition, you have a great sense of balance and excellent coordination of movements. It is quite rare - share it with your friends!

Middle area

This part of the brain is responsible for production of basic hormones, in other words, for your emotions and mood. In other words, you control your feelings well and never let emotions take over. The Middle area helps you learn about the world around, process and accept all information that you receive through hearing, sight, smell, and so on. And due to the fact that this part works so well in your brain, you can be described as an unsnubabble, cold-minded and calm person. This result is not frequent - tell your friends about it!


This part of the brain looks like a miniature brain. It has the same hemispheres but only in a mini format. And with a "worm" in the middle. These are nerve tissues that help to transmit information. The cerebellum is responsible for coordination of your body movements, accuracy and clarity of movements, the order and correctness of their implementation. Therefore, it is not an overstatement to say that agility and flexibility are your strong parts. In addition, the second function of this brain part is to control attention and understanding. So - congratulations! You are practically an illusionist, having such skills and attentiveness you can go far. Tell your friends - let them be jealous!  

Temporal lobes

This part can be compared only with a computer hard drive. It also stores all data accumulated throughout the work period. Due to the temporal lobes, the human brain holds so much information - all memories and knowledge collected over a lifetime. Therefore, you can boast an excellent memory, and, it is long-term one. You easily remember all rules, dates, notes - absolutely everything that may come in handy in the future. There is something for others to envy! Tell your classmates or colleagues about it! An excellent sense of smell is a nice bonus. It is directly connected with this brain part.