Weird laws of Australia Quiz

Weird laws of Australia Quiz
Australia is a distant country that lives by its own rules. It seems that we will never understand those who get along with kangaroos and a huge number of insects. Nor do we understand Australian laws, because some of them are very strange and confusing. Let's see if you can figure them out!

According to the, 'Crimes Act 1958,' it is unlawful to conduct business with which of the following?


New Zealanders

According to the, 'Vagrancy Act 1966,' possessing one of these is illegal without a lawful excuse?

An unauthorized shopping cart in public place

An article of disguise

A large refrigerator cardboard box

A dog or other pet

An act created in 1735 was recently brought to attention in the Northern Territories as something that simply needs to go. Which of the following is the act in question?

Witchcraft Act of 1735

The Inns and Taverns Act of 1735

Which superhero or famous crime fighter can you supposedly NOT dress up as in Queensland?

None of these




A you're driving around the country of Australia, if a urinal is not readily convenient it is legal to urinate on which tire of your vehicle?

Rear left tire

Front right tire

A Sydney cab driver was recently fined for which of the following seemingly innocuous offenses?

Transporting 3 semi-feral dingoes

Being out of uniform for wearing brown shoes

In Melbourne it is illegal to drive a vehicle in public places with which of the following animals harnessed to the vehicle?





In some states and territories in Australia convicts can be given a life sentence for their crime, and oddly enough, the life sentence is given a number in years. How many years can the convict get for a life sentence?



When sunbathing at the Gold Coast, Queensland authorities have made it so you can tan to the max. The ruling states that bikinis must not exceed how many square inches?



Believe it or not, the state of Victoria has a 'Rain Making Control Act.' Which one of the following is an actual stipulation of the act?

Only authorized state ministers may coordinate such activities

No such activities shall be permitted under any circumstance

Asking for money in a public place can yield offenders with fines of up to $250! Which one of the following is NOT covered by the rules on “begging or gathering alms?”

Exposing a wound or deformity in order to exploit money

Encouraging children to beg

Going house to house asking for alms

Exploiting religion for alms

In order to help stave off a surge in automobile theft and loss of personal property, vehicle owners in Australia can actually be fined for not doing their part. Under this statute, which of the following is NOT an offense worthy of a fine?

Leaving keys in the ignition

Hand brake not applied

Leaving a window down

Leaving the top down on convertibles

Part 10 of the Summary Offenses Act 1953 is titled, “Nuisances and annoyances.” Which of the following is NOT covered by the act?

Throwing missiles

Depositing or leaving dead animals in streets, etc

Excessive flatulence or belching in public spaces

Unlawful ringing of doorbells

The Summary Offenses Act 1966 is packed with some truly odd laws and regulations. Which one of the following is NOT covered in the act?

You can be fined for singing an obscene song if heard by an offended person.

No breaking in of horses in public places

There will be no flying of kites or playing of games if it annoys other people.

Spitting on public walkways shall be forbidden

Beware of whale carcasses and your proximity to them in Australia! How close is one able to get to a whale carcass and remain a law abiding citizen?

100 meters

500 meters

The Roads and Jetties Act 1935 bans people from doing what on roads in Tasmania?

Drive a car off the end of a jetty


Making fires

Having an accident

The airways of Australia are also subject to some bizarre rules as well. The Damage by Aircraft Act of 1964 is responsible for which of the following rulings?

Flying over one's property does not connote trespassing

The pilot is not responsible for damage to property associated with bird strikes in engines that result in a crash

There's a bizarre inclusion in the Vermin Control Act 2000 for rabbits in Tasmania. Section 24 of the act states what about the fluffy little creatures?

The sale of rabbit meat for consumption will not be tolerated

The existence of rabbit burrows on the land proves that rabbits exist on that land

Which of the following is true about cigarettes in Australia with regard to people under the age of 18?

There's no laws regarding smoking and minors

It's not regulated in 4 of the nation's states

Certain locally produced cigarettes are the only ones permitted

It's not illegal to have them, but minors can't buy them

According to the Summary Offenses Act 7A from South Australia, it is illegal to disrupt which one of the following events resulting in fines of up to $10,000 and two years of imprisonment?

Public protests

Parliamentary hearings

Military marches


Which one of the following is an absurd aspect of a law in Tasmania concerning the theft of personal goods?

Its illegal to post reward signs asking for the return of your stolen goods

The victim of the theft has to pay a fine for getting the item stolen

The convicted thief has to wear a vest over his clothes with the word, “Thief” printed on it for a week.

If caught the thief has to return the item and pay the value of the item to the owner on top of it

Which household appliance is legislated in section 58B of the South Australian Summary Offenses Act of 1953?

Toaster oven

Microwave Oven



In Brisbane homeowners are required to do a mundane chore every day before 8:30am except on Sundays or public holidays. What is the chore?

Sweep the footpath outside their home

Clean their gutters

Clean their windows

Tidy the area around their mailboxes

One of Australia's most famous weird laws concerns the selling, delivering, purchasing or taking deliveries of which common commodity in quantities of 50 kg or more?





Declared in 1953 and 1966, the states of South Australia and Victoria prohibits the shooting, killing, wounding, injuring, destroying, ensnaring, catching or taking of which animal?

Homing pigeon




Which interesting item is said to be required for taxi cabs to have in their boot at all times?

A copy of Gideon's bible

Several days supply of water

A change of clothes

A bale of hay

In the fifties an Australian law stated that bars had to close at 6 pm! Beer and liquor guzzling Aussies got their drink on anyway in a way that become known as what?

Six O'Clock Swill

The Six by Six

Guzzling to the Six

The Foster's Six O'Clock March

In the Melbourne suburb of Brimbank you can get fined $205 on-the-spot for doing what activity from 10pm and 7am on weekdays and 10pm and 9am on weekends?

Dragging your rolling garbage cans out to the street-side

Vacuum cleaning your house

Playing loud stereo music

Surfing the Internet

In 2003 in Wagga Wagga, N.S.W. A couple decided to paint their house in a color that they soon found out to be illegal. What color did the Wagga Wagga council deem illegal much to the couple's surprise?





For a very brief spell in the Parliament House in Canberra, government officials decided to ban which word being used by security guards talking with politicians.





In Queensland, the Land Protection Act of 2002 forbade which of the following activities?

Hanging barbed wire fences with non-licensed wire

Smoking fish or other seafood with hickory wood chips

Keeping ferrets as pets

The quartering of horses within a household

The Drughouse Law from the Northern Territory in Australia was created to do which of the following?

Allow the occupants to use limited amounts of marijuana or mild intoxicants

Allow for authorities to put a huge, fluorescent sign up on the house

Provided community clinics and education centers for educational purposes

Aide drug abusers with therapy and household cleanup.

In Pinjarra, south of Perth a woman ended up in court and was fined $1,000 for doing what apparently illegal activity?

Riding a bicycle in a skirt with no underwear

Slaughtering chickens while pregnant

Shooting cans with a BB gun near a dairy farm

Crushing a beer can with her breasts

In Australia, what is it called when you've been cited for anti-social behavior conducted in a motor vehicle?





In October of 2003 the Victorian parliament created the Meat Industry Act in order to prevent the consumption of what?





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You probably think that we came up with all these laws ourselves. So absurd and implausible they look. Believe it or not, they really exist. And if you are suddenly going to Australia, we advise you to take this test again to better remember them! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

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Some Australian laws you know, even though they are strange. But some of them are still so absurd that it is difficult to believe in their existence. However, it is true. If you are suddenly going to Australia, we advise you to take this test again to fill them out better! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

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