Italian Quiz: How Italian Am I?

Italian Quiz: How Italian Am I?
It doesn't matter where you are from, so many people trace their lineage to Italy. Since you also love pasta, basking in the sun, and drinking coffee, you might have a relative from Italy! This quiz will show how much Italian blood you have!

You need to cook something simple for dinner. What's on the menu?

Do you use gestures when you talk?

Oh, yes. I'm always afraid of hitting someone

No, I'm nothing but calm

It happens when I emotionally tell about something

Choose your coffee drink



I don't drink coffee, so let it be tea

Do you like cooking?

Let's recall childhood. How often was your family round the table?

Every Sunday as a tradition

Somewhere between rarely and never

We always gave such dinners on holidays

Does your surname end with a vowel?

What will you order as a drink for your pizza?

When you're arguing with someone at home, do your neighbors hear you?


Yes, they even join us. What a fun time!

No, we have a calm family

Is it easy for you to say goodbye to a person?

No, we stay another hour and keep talking after saying bye

Of course, can it be hard?

Usually, yes; but to good friends - no

Italy is in your blood

Expresso courses through your veins, you dream of cheese in the night and raise your voice unknowingly. Perhaps, a stork, which was bringing you home, got lost since it should put you off right in the middle of the Italian "shoe". You know how to be a bon vivant and drink wine, you'll pass for a native in the crowd of the Italians. Bravissimo! Hurry up and buy a ticket to the homeland and go ahead for Coliseum. But make sure to warn your friends - tell them about the result. They could be jealous of it!

50% of Italy is detected in the body

Italian history and culture attract you and its art makes your heart beat faster. Let alone cuisine! You have already managed to learn a few the most popular gestures and words, that's why you won't stand out much from the crowd of Italians. You should think about planning a journey to this marvelous country! But make sure to warn your friends - tell them about the result. They could be jealous of it!

Love for Italy is not detected

Most likely, you're more interested in the northlands. People there are calmer, the sun doesn't hurt your eyes and dishes are tastier. Italy is of little interest to you and even weapons of mass destruction - pizza and pasta - do little to help. You aren't so interested neither in language nor the country's culture and history and it's easy to recognize you as a tourist in the crowd of Italians. Well, then you may plan a journey to other countries. For example, to North Europe. Share this quiz, let's check how many Italian friends you have.