How Many Kids Will You Have?

How Many Kids Will You Have?
They say children bring happiness, but how many do you need to make yourself happy? To how many are you ready to give life, love, and care? Take this quiz and find out how many children you will have. 

Are you scared of giving birth?

No. The main thing is children!

Don't know

Yes, The idea of labour scares me a little

How many children do your parents have?

We have a big family and that's great!

I have a brother and a sister

I'm the only one kid in the family and I like it!

Do you have chronic conditions?

No, I'm healthy

I have minor problems

Yes, I have quite poor health

What's your education?

Secondary education

Vocational secondary education

Higher education

Does you husband/boyfriend want children?

Asks about it all the time!

Yes, seriously thinks about it

Not against, but he's not ready to have children

Do you have quiet sleep?

Yes, I get enough sleep

Sometimes I have nightmares

No, I sleep poorly

Are you a patient person?

Yes, I rarely fly off the handle

Depends on the situation

I often fly off the handle

The reaction of your husband to a crying kid?

He'll try to calm him/her don

He'll get worried

He'll give a sigh

Can you work in a kindergarten?

Yes, I adore children

Don't know

That's not my cup of tea

Can you do several things at the same time?

Yes, I'm, almost Julius Caesar!

No, that's hard

Hardly. I'm thoughtful

Is it important for you to find me-time?

Not so important, the main thing is my family!

Important, but I can sacrifice it for the children's sake

Very important

How do you treat moms of many children?

They're a role model!

I imagine how difficult it is

Ooh... I sympathize and admire them

Where would you like to live?

In a village or a small town

In a big city

In a capital

Are children expensive in your opinion?

No, the main thing is love!

You should address expenses sensibly

Yes, very!

Do you eat healthily?

Yes, I adhere to healthy nutrition

I'm trying to

There are breakdowns sometimes

Could you bring up children without help?


Don't know

With difficulty

You'll have more than 2 kids!

Probably, you'll become the mother of many children! You'll be able to give worthy upbringing to three and more babies! You see your vocation in motherhood and are ready for children. Share the quiz result to find out how many children your friends will probably have!  

You'll have two kids!

Probably, you'll have two kids. This number of children you'll definitely be able to give birth to and bring up in a harmonious way. And this is wonderful! Share the quiz result to find out how many children your friends will probably have!

One kid!

Probably, you'll have one kid. You're ready to give life, but you scarcely want to take maternity leave for more than 3 years. On the plus side, you will be able to give him/her all your love! Share the quiz result to find out how many children your friends will probably have!