How Well Do You Know Donald Trump?

How Well Do You Know Donald Trump?
Almost everyone knows about Donald Trump. However, some facts of his past have been hidden or buried, like his childhood and youth. Find out how much you know about this former president.

Donald Trump had this popular journalist forcibly removed from a press conference by his security detail?

Katy Tur

Fareed Zakaria

Jorge Ramos

Jake Tapper

During a press conference Donald Trump gave out the personal telephone number of which other presidential candidate?

Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush

Lindsey Graham

What's the closest approximation of Donald Trump's wealth?

$500 million dollars

$1.5 billion dollars

$4.5 billion dollars

$10 billion dollars

Who became the host of Celebrity Apprentice after Trump left to pursue his career in politics?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ted Nugent

Mark Burnett

Simon Cowell

What was the original name of the modelling company Donald Trump founded in 1999 before being formalized as another name?

Donald Does Fashion

Trump Gold

T Models

Trump Top Model Agency

How many stories tall is the Trump Tower in Chicago?





Donald Trump has a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also was inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame in which year?





In 'The Art of the Deal' Trump said this prospect listed below was a "disaster for all but the privileged minority protected by it."

Social Security

Tax hikes for the wealthy

Rent Control


In 2011 Donald Trump stepped in to help salvage a New York landmark. What was the name of the landmark?

A 25 foot waterfall in Greenacre Park in Midtown

Tavern on the Green

A gorgeous subway stop closed in 1945

A partial remodel of Grand Central Terminal

Which of the following rock stars was the 2010 winner on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice?

Steven Tyler


Bret Michaels

Axl Rose

Which famous casino did Donald acquire in Atlantic City in 1988?



Taj Mahal


What's the address of Trump's Trump Building in Manhattan formerly titled the Manhattan Company Building?

30 Wall Street

70 Wall Street

40 Wall Street

50 Wall Street

What is Donald Trump's middle name?





What is Donald Trump's official Twitter account handle?





Donald Trump did very well in academics and sports at the military academy in New York where he was sent to by his parents to help with disciplinary problems. What year did he graduate?





Donald trump was one of 5 children born of Frederick and Mary Macleod Trump. What was Frederick's middle name?





Donald Trump is the nation's oldest elected first term president. Who was the previous holder of this title?

William Howard Taft

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Rutherford B. Hayes.

Ronald Reagan

Donald Trump played a key role involving the "Central Park Five." What was his role?

One of his properties is one of the 5 highest bordering the park

He was part of a core of 5 real estate developers whose properties bordered the park

His ice rinks located in the park led to the careers of five great figure skating careers

He signed full paged newspaper ads that prejudged assailants for a crime

Which one of Trump's family members is or was a senior federal appellate court judge?

Maryanne Trump Barry

Christian Johannes Trump

Robert Trump

Frederick Trump, Sr

Which song did Donald Trump use as he officially announced his candidacy for President of the USA?

Rockin' in the Free World, Neil Young

Star Spangled Banner, Jimi Hendrix

R.O.C.K. In the USA, John Mellencamp

Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen

Donald likes to boast about his great education and even received an honorary degree for his entrepreneurial achievements. Where did he receive this degree from?

The Wharton School

Trump University

Harvard Business School

The University of Scotland

Donald Trump is no stranger to lawsuits both for and against him. Who did Mr. Trump sue for saying he was descended from an Orangutan?

Rachel Maddow

Jimmy Kimmel

Bill Maher

Amy Schumer

On an interview with Conan O'Brien on his late night talk show, Donald Trump claimed that he has never used what?

A rayon suit

An affordable attorney

An ATM card

A comb

No stranger to having his name in the limelight, President Trump had a great run with his show, 'The Apprentice.' How much did he get paid per episode as he hosted and famously fired his guests?





In the early 90s Donald Trump was billions of dollars in debt. Which massive financial institute took his massive yacht during the many settlements he had to take care of?

American Express

Bankers Trust


Chase Manhattan

Donald Trump once offered then President Barack Obama free golf for life. What was the stipulation for this offer?

He had to veto a Democrat Party real estate tax bill

He had to resign from the presidency

Not pursuing the Affordable Care Act

He to fire the attorney general for investigating a shady real estate deal

Trump has actually won an award for a performance onscreen. What was this prestigious award?

A TV Emmy

A Razzie

An Oscar

A People's Choice Award

What's the name of the smart relative who Donald Trump often cites as proof for his own genetically inherited intelligence?

Robert Trump

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

John G Trump

Fred Trump

Who did Donald Trump insult in 'The Art of the Deal' with the following quote? "So smooth, so effective a performer" that "only now, seven years later, are people beginning to question whether there's anything beneath that smile."

Alexander Haig

George Bush Sr

Ronald Reagan

Jimmy Carter

How does Donald Trump get that famous hairstyle of his?

It's a special blow drying technique

He has a genetic cowlick

He uses an exclusive hair tonic

It's a wig

Trump famously won a WWE fight against the owner of the organization, Vince McMahon. What was the side bet between the wealthy players?

Loser shaves his head

1000 dollars

One dollar

100,000 dollars

What was the name of the sports team Donald Trump purchased in 1983?

Baltimore Stars

Michigan Panthers

New Jersey Generals

Houston Gamblers

Which famous brand of breakfast cereal is associated with Trump's Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida?


General Mills

Quaker Oats


According to court records Donald Trump owed 100s of thousands of dollars to a Georgia company for this failed Sharper Image brand tie-in.

Success cologne

Trump the Game

Trump Ice bottled water

Trump Steaks

Where did Trump's vodka brand originate?


Upstate New York



Why has Donald Trump refrained from drug and alcohol consumption for most, if not all of his life?

His complex relationship with his father scared him off of it

His brother Fred, Jr died from alcohol abuse

He claims that his personal 'high' is enough of an intoxicant

He has a rare genetic issue involving his liver

What medical ailment kept Donald Trump from being drafted into the Vietnam War?

Floaters in each of his eyes

A condition known as 'bone spurs' in his feet

Extreme shin splints

A rare form of hair psoriasis

In order to build Trump Tower in Manhattan what did the Trump Organization have to do to carry out its construction?

Buy the 'air rights' above the Tiffany & Company store

Pledge a $50 million dollar bond to New York City

Have the plans approved by a panel of 8 renowned city architects

Tear down a dilapidated parking garage

What was one of Trump's first acts after taking over the family's firm in 1971?

Appoint his brother Robert as head of the regency council

Relocate the head quarters to Manhattan

Rename it to The Trump Organization

Remodel the shabby offices with posh gold trim and fabrics

What was the name of Trump's early failed attempt at producing a comedy on Broadway?

The Old New York

Onward and Upward

Paris Is Out

Family Misfortune

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