You Might Not Know All These Facts About Gambling

You Might Not Know All These Facts About Gambling
Gambling is not easy money, which requires knowledge of psychology, and the ability to calculate odds and probabilities in your head, plus some luck! Let's see how much you know about gambling!

The multi-state Powerball lottery is one of the United States' biggest. How many balls must you get correct to win the jackpot?





Which South American country has the most casinos by a large margin?





What card can't you have in your hard-hand in Blackjack?





Almost without exception what is the minimum bet to win at a U.S horse racing venue?





What gambling related film won an Oscar in 1974 for Best Motion Picture?

The Hustler

The Sting

The Color of Money

Rain Man

Who wrote the novelette "The Gambler."

Alexander Pushkin

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Anton Chekhov

Leo Tolstoy

Haphazardly throwing your chips into a poker pot is both frowned upon and known as this.

Splashing the Pot

Being a d*ck

Disrespecting The Pot

Dirtying the Pot

What HBO show depicted the gambling, organized crime and bootlegging of Prohibition Atlantic City?

The City By The Shore

Lady Luck

Cleveland On The Sea

Boardwalk Empire

Which of the following is NOT true of the famous Desert Inn?

Remains one of the oldest casinos on The Strip

For years it hosted the PGA Tournament of Champions

Howard Hughes bought it when asked to vacate the floors he was renting.

Frank Sinatra made is Vegas singing debut there.

The Strip in Las Vegas is actually what on what road?

North Las Vegas Boulevard

Paradise Avenue

South Las Vegas Boulevard

Winchester Avenue

The physical resting points of the roulette ball land in one of 38 locations is commonly referred to as what?





Blackjack basic strategy dictates that these pairs should always be split.

Aces and 3s

Aces and 8s

Aces and 5s

Aces and 9s

Common wisdom and basic strategy dictate that these two pairs in blackjack should never be split.

7s and 9s

6s and 10s

10s and 9s

10s and 5s

The first three-wheel slot machine paid the jackpot when three of this symbol lined up on the center line.


Red Seven

Silver Dollar

Liberty Bell

While a Royal Flush is the highest hand you can have in poker, which is the highest suit in the event of a tie?





Nearly every serious horse bettor will generally be equipped with which publication considered the end all be all for race information.

A Day At The Races

The Daily Racing Form

The Horseman's Bible

All The Ponies

Modern day Keno's origins go back to which country?



South Korea


Traditionally, what color is the Zero and Double Zero on a Roulette wheel?





While many have recorded "The Gambler" who sold the most singles with their version.

Johnny Cash

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Hank Williams, Jr.

Kenny Rogers

In horse or dog racing the Daily Double is traditionally won by picking the winners of which two races?

1st and 2nd

The last two on the day's card

1st and last

2nd and 3rd

The following countries love betting on horses, which has the largest three horse racing venues by capacity?




United Arab Emirates

Where would you find the Happy Valley Race course?



Los Angeles

Hong Kong

The Triple Crown brings horse racing bettors from all over the world, which of these is NOT part of the three race event?

Kentucky Derby

The Preakness Stakes

The Travers

Belmont Stakes

In which Bond film did James Bond win the girl with is prowess on the craps table?

Diamond Are Forever

From Russia With Love


A View To A Kill

James Bond proved to be a masterful backgammon gambler in the film Octopussy, name the actor who played the role.

Roger Moore

Timothy Dalton

Sean Connery

Pierce Brosnan

What was the first casino game played by James Bond in film?





Which of these casino gambling meccas took in the most money in 2016?

Las Vegas

Atlantic City

Monte Carlo


How many potential outcomes are there with the rolling of two dice in craps?





When Vegas calls it a "pick em" what do they truly mean?





What is the first roll in craps called?

The Beginning

The Establishment

The Come Out

The Commencement

Stay Away From Gambling

With such knowledge about gambling (or rather, with its complete absence) you'd better stay away from the casino. Otherwise, you can't avoid trouble. You may love risk and excitement, but you don't know anything about roulette, poker, and other options. Our test gave you at least a basic knowledge! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Tried Once

With such knowledge about gambling, it is difficult to call you a professional gambler. You may have picked up the cards a couple of times, but it didn't make much sense. So before you practice your skills, you should learn the theory better. For example, using our test! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Professional Gambler

With such knowledge about gambling, you can be called a professional gambler! Of course, you understand that this is risky and dangerous, but when you get into a rage, there is no stopping you. You know 1000 and 1 options in order to make money on gambling. And sometimes you even succeed! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!