How Much Do You Know About Halloween Traditions?

How Much Do You Know About Halloween Traditions?
Regardless of the time of year, Halloween is always relevant. Pumpkins, horror stories, and ghosts bring back memories of costumes and candy. What else can you remember when it comes to Halloween? Let's test your knowledge!

How many calories are in an average Halloween goodie bag at the end of the night?





What would most ghosts realistically have on them that movies/costumes don't portray?



No clothes


What do many hotels not have due to superstition?

Black Cats



13th floors

During the year in Salem where over a hundred witches were imprisoned, and/or executed, how many were "burned at the stake"?





Who and why did people start dressing up as the devil on Halloween?

Satanists, to worship him

Children, for fun

Witches, to summon him

Christians, to mock him

Why do we get scared at movies or haunted houses even though we know they are harmless?

It's a habit learned from our guardians/parents

Our instincts try to protect us

Cause we know it's fun

We revert to childhood when in those situations

Known as the Halloween Capital of the World, which city is home to many real life witches 365 days of the year?

Southington, Connecticut

Amityville, New York

Salem, Massachusetts

Anoka, Minnesota

What color can a pumpkin NOT naturally be?





Since 1900, how many times has there been a full moon on Halloween?




Statistically, if you are poisoned on Halloween, who most likely did it?

A prankster

A rapist

A serial killer

A family member

What were gargoyles created to do?

To look awesome

Ward off evil spirits

Become possessed by spirits

Scare away intruders

What separates poltergeists from other spirits?

Being completely silent

They haunt locations, not people

They only haunt children

Being active (making noise, throwing things etc.)

Which two conditions were first linked to zombification?

Down syndrome and autism


Schizophrenia and epilepsy

Leukemia and lung cancer

Halloween ranks where on the list of holidays that make the most money?





Why did people dress up as ghosts or the dead?

To find their "soul" mate

To scare each other

For fun

So they would blend in

What is the most popular pet costume for Halloween?

Hot dog


A different animal


What does legend say will happen if you put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween?

You'll see a witch

You'll die

You will get stuck like that

You'll get possessed

The official colors of Halloween are black and orange. Black is the color of darkness and death, what is orange the color of?

Innocence and naivety

Pumpkins and gourds

Evil and malicious intentions

Strength and endurance

In the 1978 movie, Halloween, Michael Myers wore a set mask from ...?

The Exorcist

Star Trek

Texas Chainsaw Massacre


According to Medieval Europe, which of these were likely a witch in disguise?





After which war did "Trick or Treating" begin?

Revolutionary War

Vietnam War



The word Samhain refers to the Celtic festival held thousands of years ago before we called it Halloween. What does Samhain mean?

Hallowed Eve

Summer's End

Winter is Coming

Night of the Living

What is a common alternate form of trick or treating, called trunk or treating, that helps keep kids safe?

Keeping the kid in your trunk while driving around

Marking trees that kids can't go past

Using the trunks of cars where you can see the kids at all times

Standing at the trees near your homes so the kids don't have to go in anyone's house

Who coined the line, "double, double, toil and trouble"?


Mark Twain


George Orwell

Which of these popular Halloween candies were added to WWII soldier rations?

Candy Corn

Candy Ribbons

Mary Jane's

Tootsie Rolls

What is the most popular Halloween candy according to consumers?

Candy corn




According to tradition, what do you actually want to see on Halloween?

A pit bull

A cockroach

A spider

A white cat

What is illegal to use in Hollywood on Halloween?

Canned air

Silly string


Black paint

In Alabama it is illegal to dress up as what on Halloween?

A cop

A priest

A witch

A devil

Why was the Lantern Festival originally held?

To celebrate life by joining together and lighting the sky

To light the way for the homeless

To bide time till the sun rises

To guide spirits home

What did the name "bonfire" originate from?

They were originally carbon-based fires

An Irish wizard named, Bondrae

Fires made from bon bons

Fires fed with bones

Which of these famous faces died on Halloween?

George Washington

Heath Ledger

Harry Houdini

Adolf Hitler

What is Samhnainophobia?

Fear of Halloween

Fear of not getting any candy you like

Fear of the color black

Fear of ghosts

What does the word witch originally mean?

Wise woman

Spirited Woman

Who are you unable to adopt on Halloween night at many locations?

Black cats


Irish children

Pit bulls

Which of these is a Scottish name for Halloween?

Cabbage Night

Dawn of the Radish

Day for Turnips

Creeper's Corn

In Ireland, and other Halloween-loving countries, Halloween is a day great for...?


Finding a job

Calling your mother

Working the farm

According to the original story, what was the first jack-o-lantern made of?

A paper bag

A pumpkin

A turnip

A potato

What was common to wear on your head in the earliest Halloweens?

Buffalo skin


Animal heads

Holy cloths

Which country did Halloween originate in?





Childish Games

For you, Halloween is nothing more than silly child's play. Such a serious adult should not be engaged in begging for sweets and changing clothes. Besides, you don't believe in the supernatural at all. Therefore, this holiday is not the most important for you. However, we hope that our test still proved to you that it has many interesting traditions! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Good Magician

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Dark Magician

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