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Saint-Petersburg was founded by Peter III.

The city was founded by Peter I (Peter the Great).



In the past, the most typical disaster of St.Petersburg was floods.

Since 1703 (the year of the city's foundation) there were about 300 floods.

The city residence of the Romanovs (Russian emperors and empresses) in St. Petersburg was called the Summer Palace.

The Romanovs' city residence was the Winter Palace.

The city is famous for numerous bridges, among them – several drawbridges.

There are about 300 bridges in the city, 13 of which are drawnbridges.

The most famous bookshop in St.Petersburg is known as Singer House.

The bookshop opened in this building soon after the October revolution.

The Peter and Paul Fortress is located on the Fox island.

The Peter and Paul Fortress is located on the Hare island.

The city started with the construction of the Hermitage.

The oldest building in St.Petersburg is the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The festival of Scarlet sails is the festival of school graduates.

The festival was held for the first time on June 28, 1968.

The principal street of St.Petersburg is called Alexandro-Nevsky prospect.

The main street of St.Petersburg is Nevsky prospect.

Such famous people as Pushkin, Dostoevskiy, Akhmatova, Brodsky, Grebenshchikov, Tsoy, Freindlikh and Boyarskiy lived/live in this city.

All the above-mentioned outstanding people as well as many others, including the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin, are famous representatives of Saint-Petersburg.


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