Do You Have the Mind of an Artist or a Scientist?

 Do You Have the Mind of an Artist or a Scientist?
To choose your ideal occupation, you have to know yourself well! This quiz will help you determine if you are a humanist or the next tech mogul.

How do you prefer to communicate with your friends?


By the phone


What classes did you like at school most?

Physics and math

History and literature

I was good at all subjects

Do you quickly calculate the purchase sum at the supermarket?

Yes, that's not hard for me

No, I always wait for a cashier saying the total sum

Yes, but I take a calculator with me just to be safe

What did you like to do when you were little?

Playing with dolls, painting, molding and spouting poetry

Playing with construction kits, making car models

I managed to do everything: jumping, painting, fixing

Your attitude to technology

Having bought something new, I read the manual first

I'm afraid of it

I can easily fix a broken phone/TV, make a robot

Do you like reading?

Frankly speaking, I didn't finish any book

If a book is interesting why not

I read everything I can get my hands on: from the latest book novelties to a package leaflet

What do you take note of first?




How do you prefer to pass leisure time?

Travel or go out with friends

Reading a book or watching a new film

Creating the Time Machine

You're a humanist

Numbers make you drowsy. Instead, a new book sparks your genuine interest. You'd make a good journalist, a diplomat, a literature teacher or a fine art expert.

You're a tech guy

You handle numbers better than words. That's why it's easier for you to assemble a new car than to read even the most exciting book. You'd make a good engineer, a programmer or a mechanic.

You're a tech & humanist combo

Both a humanist and a tech guy get along together in you. That's why you have no problem composing poetry and fixing a TV.