How Well Do You Know Cyndi Lauper?

How Well Do You Know Cyndi Lauper?
Cindy Lauper is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and actress who participates in politics. Let's check how well you know her career path and biography!

Is Cyndi her real name?

Does Cyndi have any children?

What acting award did Cyndi win?

Golden Globe Award

Emmy Award

Tony Award

Screen Actors Guild Award

Cyndi asked a singer to perform the ceremony for her wedding. Who was it?

Ben E. King

Ray Charles


Little Richard

She composed the music and lyrics for the hit Broadway play. What is it called?

Kinky Boots

Forever Tango

Let It Be

The Winslow Boy

She formed a band in 1978 with saxophone player, John Turi. It was called Blue Angel. They released an album in 1980, but it never sold well. The band broke up shortly after. What was the style of their music?



New Wave

Alternative rock

Cyndi had financial issues after the band broke up. What was her occupation at that time?

Cashier at the grocery store

Night Nurse



In 1977 she had to take a year off from singing. Why?

Quarrel with her mother about her career

Severe depressive state

Damage done to her vocal cords

Emotional burnout

Lauper is an avid activist. Who does she help?

AIDS patients

Homeless animals

Children with autism spectrum disorders

LGBT homeless youth

She was the first woman to get four hit songs on her debut album. Is it true?

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