How Well Do You Know Dolly Parton?

How Well Do You Know Dolly Parton?
Dolly Parton has been contributing to the entertainment industry in America for decades, from film music to amusement parks. Surely you know the words of her famous song "Jolene," but do you know Dolly herself? Take our quiz to check it out!

Parton and her 11 siblings were very poor. How did her father pay the doctor who helped deliver her?

He paid with household tools

He sold his bike

He fixed the windows in the maternity hospital

With a sack of oatmeal

Is it true that Parton hated her childhood home?

Parton has more than 30 awards to her name, including a few Guinness World Records. How many?





Parton started her career at the young age of 10. What was her occupation at that time?

TV presenter

Assistant in a fashion house

Actress and radio host

Model for advertising tights

The queen of country has built a huge worth over the past 50 years in the entertainment industry. How much is her wealth estimated at?

$600 million

$850 million

$480 million

$790 million

Dolly regularly rides the rides at her amusement park. Is it true?

Of all of Parton's accomplishments one thing made her father proudest. What was it?

Renovation of their family home

Investments in the development of her hometown

Her charity work

Building a library

Dolly once turned down a famous singer, wanting to work with her. Who was it?

Jim Morrison

Leonard Cohen

Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry

Who was Dolly's first crush?

Johnny Cash

Carl Dean

Don Gibson

Buddy Holly

Dolly Parton is godmother of a famous pop singer. Who are we talking about?

Bruno Mars

Bella Thorne

Miley Cyrus


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