How Well Do You Know James Charles?

How Well Do You Know James Charles?

Hey sisters! Have you ever heard about James Charles? He has built quite a name for himself in the makeup and beauty industry and became one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. All that is thanks to his amazing makeup videos and looks that are just insane. Let's see how well you know this Internet sensation!

Back in 2016, James made history when he was named as a spokesmodel for a makeup brand. What was it?





James Charles may be a fixture online now, but back in the day, he was just a kid that was growing up in a small city. Which one?





How old was he when he came out to his parents?

16 years old

12 years old

18 years old

21 years old

Does James Charles have any siblings?

No, he is the only child

He has a younger sister

He has a younger brother

He has an older brother

James Charles may be known for his work in the world of makeup these days, but before his rise to prominence, he was doing something else. What exactly?

He was a designer

He was a hairstylist

He was a stylist

He was an operator

Which makeup product did he create?

His own makeup palette

His own blush color

His own lipstick

His own mascara

Is it true that he converted his basement into a makeup studio?

James Charles has once accused a makeup brand of copying his eyeshadow palette. What was that brand?


Wet N Wild

LA Girl


The online world had never seen anything like this, and to this day, it remains a huge moment for Charles. Once he lost 1 million followers in ______

1 day

3 days

5 days

A week

Apart from makeup, what other talents does James have?

He designs interiors

He designs his clothes

He is a painter

He is a singer

Novice Makeup Artist

It seems that you are just starting to explore the world of make-up. Therefore, even such world stars as James Charles are not yet familiar to you. You may have heard something about him, but you know very little about his biography and career. However, after our test, you have discovered a couple of interesting facts! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Aspiring Makeup Artist

Judging by your answers, you are interested in the topic of makeup and cosmetics. Therefore, you are familiar with the most famous names in this area. For example, James Charles. It is impossible to imagine beauty world without him. However, you don't know much about him and his career. Our test has opened up a lot of new things for you! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Professional Makeup Artist

Judging by your answers, you are a real fan of makeup and cosmetics. It is impossible to imagine you without lipstick, mascara, and a new shadow palette. So all the most famous people in this area cause you genuine admiration. For example, James Charles. His stunning makeup looks are what inspires you! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!