How Well Do You Know Reese Witherspoon?

How Well Do You Know Reese Witherspoon?
Reese Witherspoon is an American actress known for Legally Blonde and other romantic comedies. From producing movies to designing clothes, there is a lot to learn about her interesting life!

Reese was good in studies. What was her hobby at that time?

She was a figure skater

She was a cheerleader

She played basketball

She had vocal lessons

Which movie brightened her career?

The Man in the Moon


Cruel Intentions


In 2001, she played a role in a comedy. This film lifted her as one of the top females in Hollywood. Which movie are we talking about?

Sweet Home Alabama

Just Like Heaven


Legally Blonde

What is her favourite food?


Fried chicken and firecrackers

Beef Stew

Pasta with seafood

Reese loves collecting _____


Old stamps

Antique linens

Shopping bags

Reese and actor Ryan Phillippe fell in love while filming _______

Cruel Intentions


Vanity Fair

The Good Lie

Reese worked hard and saved a fortune. How much is her wealth estimated at?

$60 Million

$78 Million

$41 Million

$80 Million

She did a duet with a famous singer. Who was it?

Celine Dion

Michael Buble

Avril Lavigne

Paul Anka

When was Witherspoon’s first taste of the spotlight?

When she was 3

When she was 14

When she was 10

When she was 7

Is it true that Witherspoon cherishes her roots?

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