How Well Do You Know "Sweet Magnolias" Series?

How Well Do You Know "Sweet Magnolias" Series?
Since the release of the series, Sweet Magnolias has become one of the most popular and viewed series on Netflix. While the creators are hinting at a possible continuation of the beloved show, we suggest that you take our test to check how well you remember the plot and details of the series!

While the interior of the beloved Corner Spa is simply a sound stage, the exterior exists in real life. What id it?

Law firm

Former Lord's Estate

Bank branch

Educational institution

Since watching the show, it's safe to say that we've all been craving margarita parties with friends. But are these margaritas actually alcoholic?

Maddie’s son, Ty, has never played baseball. Is it true?

Based on an 11-part book series, written by Sherryl Woods, the television adaptation is as close to the book version as possible. Is it true?

Is it true that all the cast members are professional actors?

The film crew consists of professionals in various fields. But there is one member with an unusual occupation. Who is it?



Landscape designer

Food stylist

What was a real challenge during the filming process?

Problems with food delivery

Hurricane threat

Intense Georgia heat

Stealing on the set

Viewers love Headley as Helen Decatur on Sweet Magnolias, but she has another talent. What does she do?

She works as a designer in a fashion house

She is a professional makeup artist

She's a talented singer

She is a successful athlete

The young actor plays Kyle Townsend, Maddie's teen son, on Sweet Magnolias. Is it true that he has starred in multiple commercials?

Audiences were thrilled to see Jamie Lynn Speakers returning to TV on Sweet Magnolias. She's been spending time away from the cameras. How many years?





Not a Fan of Margaritas

How is it that you have never watched Sweet Magnolias? Moreover, you have not heard anything about this series. And even friendly gatherings over a glass of margarita do not seem so attractive to you. Meanwhile, this is a fascinating and beautifully shot series that can capture you from the first episode. Do not postpone watching it. Turn on the first episode! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Tourist in Serenity

You don't know much about Sweet Magnolias, but you've definitely heard about this series. Perhaps you are even interested in its fascinating plot and humor. Therefore, the town of Serenity seems to you an attractive tourist destination. It's time to watch a few episodes and meet Helen Decatur, Maddie Townsend, and Danna Sue Sullivan! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Serenity Resident

You know so much about Sweet Magnolias that you could easily pass for a resident of Serenity. You would love to take part in friendly gatherings and drink a glass of margarita. In order to maintain this atmosphere, it is worth watching your favorite episodes of this wonderful series again! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!