The Etiquette Quiz - Test Your Social Etiquette

The Etiquette Quiz - Test Your Social Etiquette

The times when the rules of etiquette played a huge part in our lives are long gone. The modern rules are much easier to follow, don't you agree? Do you know how to behave in public?

You were invited to come at 6 pm. At what time do you need to show up?

Don't come early. Give your host the time to prepare for the party. It's better to come 15 minutes late.

5.30 pm to 6 pm

5.45 pm to 6.15 pm

When do you need to tell your host about your food preferences?

If you're on a diet, it's not reason enough for others to adjust to your food preferences. Allergies or fasting, however, should be taken into account.

If you're on a diet

If you're a vegetarian or do fasting

What does a person mean by saying "Be my guest"?

I want to spend time with you

I want to spend time with you and pay for everything

You won't be admitted to the theatre unless you're wearing an evening dress or a suit. Is that true?

Each theatre has its own rules. For example, at Vienna Opera, you can't sit in the stalls in everyday clothes. In this case, you'll be only admitted to the balcony.



What do you say when a person sneezes?

Act like nothing happened. If it was you who sneezed, you need to apologize.


God bless!

Can you reply with an audio message in a messenger?

Before sending an audio message, ask the person whether it's OK with them. You can send an audio message if: 1) you need to give a detailed answer immediately, 2)you can't type a message 3) you don't want to reveal your reply (e.g. if it's a password).



Is it OK for a woman to wear a hat inside?

A woman can keep her hat and gloves on. However, she's expected to take off a beanie and mittens.



Is a man supposed to carry a woman's purse?

Carrying a woman's purse is a false knighthood and therefore unacceptable. However, a man must help a woman with heavy grocery bags.



Is it allowed to eat sushi with your hands?

Men, unlike women, are allowed to do that.



You need to enter a colleague's office. Is it necessary to knock?

If you're at work, you don't necessarily need to knock. At the same time, storming into the office is not a very good thing, either.


Of course. A person may be busy working.

Do you need to ask a person's permission before following them on social media?

No. People on social media are open to communication by default.



A good start

With a little bit of practice and persistence, you'll be able to give lessons on etiquette yourself ;-) You've already made a good start! How about your friends? Share this link with your friends and find out whether or not they're better than you


If you haven't been invited to tea with the Queen of Britain, it's just a matter of time. You know the rules of etiquette perfectly! With such knowledge, you can teach at an etiquette school! Share this link with your friends and find out whether they're better than you!

Etiquette is your second name

Wow! You know every rule! If they don't ask you for cosultations on etiquette, just wait!  Be sure to share your result with your friends. Do they dare to challenge you?