How Well Do You Really Know Your Best Friend?

How Well Do You Really Know Your Best Friend?
Think that you know your best friend better than anyone else? Maybe you've only known each other for a year but have been through a lot together. Take this quiz and find out if you deserve the title BFF of the Year and a bar of chocolate as the main prize! Do you want to find out the truth about your friendship? 

So, do you remember how you got acquainted?

Oh, don't remember

Of course. We celebrate it each year as if it is a holiday

Well, yes. We met at school...or somewhere else

And how much time has passed since the happy moment of your acquaintance?

A couple of years for sure

About a year or two

It was not so long ago

Do you often quarrel?

We had a scrap yesterday. It often happens

Rarely, but right on target!


You agreed to meet, to have a chat. Where will you go?

We'll decide on something, find a pretty cafe

We have our favorite place where we always go

I take her to my favorite place

Do you know your BFF's phone number by heart?

Of course, I call her all the time

No, I'm bad at numbers

I think I remember it

What do you like to do together in your free time?

We take a walk, sit at cafes

We can chat for hours at a time

It's hard to find spare time, that's why we call each other

A more difficult question. Do you know how the parents of your best friend did get acquainted?

Oh yes, that's an awesome story!

What are you talking about? I don't even know the story of my parents

She told me, but I don't remember

Have you managed to discuss a perfect wedding?

Why discuss these things? It's personal

Yes, we sometimes dream about Prince Charming

Yeah, and I even know who will be my witness

How much time do you usually spend together?

All day long of course!

We’re both busy, that’s why we do not see each other often. On weekends at best

Don’t know, but we see each other every day. Well, or almost

Do you have plans for B-day?

Nice get-together

I want to go away somewhere, to be away from everybody

I'll organize a party and we'll have some fun

Your friend's phone fell into your hands. Do you know the password?

We have no secrets from each other!

I'll just take a couple of funny photos, I don't need the password to do it

No, I don't need it. This is her personal life

Share a secret, what did your friend dream about last night?

Why would I know it?

I don't remember, but when she was talking about it, it made me laugh

I know, but this is a secret. I won't tell you

You are the best BFF

Bravo! You can take the first place in the nomination "I know absolutely everything". You're so close to your best friend that you understand her without words. Should you look at each other and you both can remember something, give a laugh all of a sudden or give a sigh. Full mutual understanding! Tell all your friends about this quiz, let's see how much they know about you.

You are good friends indeed

You know each other quite closely, share many joint memories and pleasant moments. You like to share your secrets, thoughts and experiences with each other. But there's a limit to everything and you aren't 100% open to each other. Everyone should have a personal life. Tell all your friends about this quiz, let's see how much they know about you.

You need to talk

Is seems your BFF is not quite your BFF. Maybe, you have become friends recently? Or maybe you aren't so attentive and forgetful? In any case, many of her secrets stay mysterial and far away from you. You should have a heart to heart talk and find out the reason of this closedness. Tell all your friends about this quiz, let's see how much they know about you.