Interesting Facts About Africa - Geography& Cultural Quiz

Interesting Facts About Africa - Geography& Cultural Quiz
Africa is one of the most amazing continents in the world. Some scientists believe that life on Earth emerged in Africa. Find out what you know about this continent here!

The majority of rare animals, which cannot be found anywhere else, live in Africa. Among the following ones three of them and the fourth one can be found on other continents. Guess the fourth one.

These are elephants, they live not only in Africa but also in Southeast Asia in tropical forest and savannas. An Asia's elephant (or Indian elephant) was depicted in the photo, and here you have an African elephant.





An interesting tribe wodaabe (or bororo) lives in Africa. The men of this tribe take part in some activity, which we usually associate with women. What do they do?

Gerewol is a characteristic of their culture – fiancés’ beauty contests during which young men decorate themselves and dance.

Do knitting

Do milking

Take part in beauty contests

They’re the nurses of kings’ children

In Benin, there’s an equivalent comparable by size to other more well-known human-made structure located in another part of the world. The construction of this equivalent started in 800 B.C. and according to some data it was previously considered the world’s largest structure. What’s the equivalent of this structure?

The length of the wall in Benin was about 16 thousand km. Previously the length of the Great Wall of China was 8,85 thousand km. Carried out studies allowed scientists to conclude in 2012 that it is longer and its length is 21,196 thousand km. That’s the way the Walls of Benin from banks and ditches look like.

Taj Mahal

The Great Wall of China


The Great Pyramid of Giza

There are over 2000 languages in Africa, but the most widespread one is...

170 million people speaking this language mainly live in North Africa.





On June 27, 1931 a meteorite with a rare structure fell in this city located in the south of Tunisia. The sights of this city - local ksour (fortified Berber granaries) - are shown in the picture. This city became popular among tourists later in the end of the 20th century thanks to shooting of episodes of a famous franchise.  What’s it?

This is about Tataouine city (Arabic تطاوين‎). Tataouine became famous thanks to the George Lucas’ movie Star Wars, which was shot in different places of Tunisia, including Tataouine. By the way, Tatooine planet was named after the city. Tataouine is also depicted in one of the episodes of X-files under its full name Foum Tataouine. According to the scenario, there was an exterrestrial virologic lab here.

The Lord of the Rings


Harry Potter movies

Star Wars

In Morocco there are unique goats which do what?

Southern Morocco is under the influence of arid climate, because of it some animals living there are deprived of the opportunity to eat natural forage. That’s why they fell back on their quick wit and adapted to a difficult living environment. Numerous herds of horned gourmets climb the tops of trees with virtuosity of acrobats to enjoy their favorite food – fleshy fruits similar to plum.

Climb trees

Catch fish



In the Western Sahara, there’s the Richat Structure – a unique geological formation, which is a series of concentric rings with a diameter of about 50 km. This unusual natural phenomenon has a beautiful name. What’s it?

The structure’s diameter is 50 km. For today the version of completely geological origin of these concentric rings is considered reliable. Thus, rock formation embedded in the form of a dome was gradually “cut short” under the impact of erosion as the result uncovering concentric rings.

The Ear of the Sahara

The Eye of the Sahara

The mouth of the Sahara

The Nostril of the Sahara

The operation for transplantation of this organ was made for the first time in Africa

On December 3, 1967 surgeon from the Republic of South Africa Christiaan Barnard successfully transplanted heart to a person in Capetown. The operation started about 1 a.m. and ended only at 8.30 a.m. It took more than 20 doctors and nurses to make it.





What city is Ganvié village in Africa compared to?

The village lying in Lake Nokoué an hour’s ride from Benin’s unofficial capital Cotonou is called African Venice. All houses, stores and restaurants in Ganvié are located on wooden piles several feet above the ground. An interesting feature of the village is a floating market, where local woman sell agricultural goods.



Los Angeles


Ancient Egypt is called a country of magic. It literally penetrated the people’s everyday life and was often the main medical prescription for maladies. You can find three real recommendations of that time and one made up one below. Find the latter.

Of course, besides magical recommendations the medicine of Ancient Egypt reached significant results for that time.

To remove scorpion’s or snake’s poison you need to say the magic word

To soothe headache you need to tie 7 magical knots

To treat running nose you need to cock-a-doodle-doo three times and croak two times

To cure a painful tooth you need to remove it and anaesthetize with opium

In the Moroccan city of Fez, there’s an institution, which is considered by the authors of Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest standing institution of this type. What is it?

Al-Karaouine is a university in Fez city (Morocco). It was founded by Fatima al-Fihri in 859, it’s one of the spiritual and educational centers of the Islamic world. A number of scientists, philosophers and theologians, which had a significant impact on the development of Islamic and world culture, were the graduates of Al-Karaouine.





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