Interior decorating style quiz

2019-09-30 11:28:56
Interior decorating style quiz
We all dream of a cozy home where you want to come back after a hard day. When decorating a flat you need focus not only on the pics from the Internet but also take into account your habits and character. What your interior decorating style should be? Take the quiz and find out.

How often do guests visit you on a scale from 1 to 10?

What music do you like?

I have a thing for soul and folk

I like club, foot tapping music

It depends on my mood

I prefer classic melodies

If I could go everywhere, I would go to…





How do you feel about a mess in the house?

I'm nervous when the stuff is scattered around

Not a big deal

I even like a little creative chaos

I try to keep the house clean but sometimes don't have time for cleaning up

What interior colors do you like?

Light and natural shades

Modest, subdued tones

The brighter, the better

Intense, but natural

Which of these paintings do you like most?

What plants do you choose to decorate the house?

Cactuses and succulents


Palms or other tropic plants

Roses and orchids

What fabrics for curtains will you choose?

Something light: organza or chiffon

Just a canvas - I like its texture

Whatever but with an unusual pattern

Velvet or velour

The house of your dreams…

A small house in the mountains

A spacious apartment with high ceilings

A bungalow by the ocean side

A castle in the south of France

What present would you like to get for your housewarming party?

Something cozy, for example, a blanket

A young modern artist's painting

An exotic item from a journey abroad

An exquisite vase or a mirror in a golden frame

Scandinavian or Eco-style fits you

Scandinavian style is cozy and light, it involves light finishing, a great amount of white and bright color accents. Simple but functional furniture. The trademark of this style is huge windows without curtains and a lot of natural light. By its mood, Scandinavian is close to eco-style, which implies the use of eco-friendly materials - stone, wood, natural fabrics, glass, clay, as well as natural shades - hazel, milky, beige. These two styles not only fit you but are easily matched. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what interior decorating style fits your friends.

Modern styles - Loft and Pop-Art - fit you

The pop art's distinctive feature is rainbow colors and eye-catching shapes. A new twist is given to common paintings, photos, things and they become pieces of art. Accessories are distinct for their unusual design: glowing dishes, a pink statuette, a lamp in the shape of a cartoon character, and other eccentric ideas. Loft also becomes increasingly popular today: it's characterized by the abundance of open space and industrial elements (very high ceilings, non-finished brick walls, open beams and pipes, concrete floor). Both of these styles fit you. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what interior decorating style fits your friends.

Eclectic style fits you

The point of eclecticism is mixing different styles. It fits those who like ingenious solutions. Here various colors and textures, matching patterns, prints and ornaments are used. Talking about the color range, there are no limits. As for furniture, you can easily combine a classic couch and a high-tech pouf. The main thing is to use decoration to the best effect. However, following the quiz results, you surely can do it! Share this quiz on social media - let's see what interior decorating style fits your friends.

Classic style fits you

The main features of the classic style are clear geometrical shapes, reserved decoration, and whole-colored walls. Modeling is used as finishing, arks instead of doors, expensive materials and solid wooden furniture prevail. Light colors dominate, but it's possible to combine dark wooden furniture with bright upholstery. This style fits those who appreciate timeless fashion. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what interior decorating style fits your friends.