Quiz: Do you rush Your Relationship?

Quiz: Do you rush Your Relationship?
You met recently, went to the movies a couple of times and now it seems to you that they are the ones you've been waiting for your whole life! Is your relationship is moving too fast? Or are they a perfect match? Take the quiz and find out.

You had a few dates but you already decided on your future kids' names.

Are you sure that you know him/her inside out?



Have you already planned where you'll celebrate Christmas, vacation and his/her birthday?

Yes, we have a lot of ideas!

There are plans for the nearest month

No, we tend to make decisions gradually

Have you already introduced your parents?

How did your life change with his/her appearance?

It changed completely - we are together all the time

The relationship takes a lot of time

I like to be there with him/her but the whole life is still not subject to the relationship

You are dating for less than a month. How many times did you speak about the wedding, joint life?

You are afraid that the partner will disappoint in you

Assess how much you trust him/her

You have been in another relationship recently?

How do you react to new details about him/her: a habit of drinking tea from very big mugs or a weird sweater with husky faces?

Did your sex happen right after you had met?

Yes, it happened quickly

Not so quickly

Not at all

You know that his/her mom is allergic to honey and your other half liked purple and Mortal Kombat when he/she was a first-grader.



Now you can speak only about this relationship?

Assess how much you sometimes can be tired of each other

What do you usually do on dates?

Hugging, watching Youtube

Walking, telling each other funny stories from the life

Going to the movies, cafes, discussing movies, hobbies

Probably, you move too fast

Most probably, you are charmed with your chosen one, fallen in love with him/her, and that's wonderful! But maybe you should consider that you don't know this person much and he/she - you, correspondingly, that's why hasty decisions are not the best option so far. Love is a marvelous feeling, but true feelings are always time-proven. We wish you happiness and all the best! Share the quiz result to let your beloved one take the quiz too. Try to match your results! :)

You move fast in some terms

It can't be said that you blindly resign yourself to feelings but some stages of development of the relationship happened too fast. The main thing is that both of you feel comfortable. If it's so, that's wonderful! Share the quiz result to let your beloved one take the quiz too. Try to match your results! :)

Moving too fast is not about you!

You understand that too fast development of the relationship can affect it not in the best way, that's why you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep going! Share the quiz result to let your beloved one take the quiz too. Try to match your results! :)