How Well Do You Know Minecraft? The Quiz Will Find Out

How Well Do You Know Minecraft? The Quiz Will Find Out
Minecraft is full of hidden secrets, interesting moments, and references. True fans know everything about it! Take this test to find out how well you know the world of Minecraft!

Let’s start from afar. Is it true that the whole process of development was kept secret?

Most developers prefer to keep the process of a new game development in secret. This approach allows to add more intrigue to the whole period of waiting. However, it was the opposite with Minecraft. The development of a global sandbox has not been hidden from gamers even at its early stages. In the article published on Gamasutra in 2011, Mojang Studios was very frank and open hoping to get a feedback from gaming community.

How much time did it take to develop the game?

The news that development of a playable build took only 6 days deserves a special place in the list of the most unusual features of the game. Despite the fact, that the game itself was finished only two years later, it’s still impressive. Later, multiple updates had been released that gave the game its modern look.

A week

6 days

A month

23 days

16 days

Is it true that creepers appeared in the game by mistake?

Sometimes, genius things are created accidentally. Creepers is a great example of it. Their appearance hasn’t been planned in advance, but became a result of a coding error. It all started with Notch who tried to create a pig. But something went wrong. As a result, the mob he created went down in history and became one of the oldest and well-known elements of Minecraft.

The sounds made by ghasts actually belong to…

The truth is that most sounds in the games are made with the use of things or creatures that were nearby. The same happened with Minecraft. Horrible sounds that became the unique feature of Ghast were recorded with the use of music producer Daniel C418 Rosenfeld’s cat. It was an unusual but impressive decision.

A pig

A monkey

A human

A cat

What’s the chance of seeing a typo in the main menu?

You can find this Easter egg when you play Minecraft more than 10,000 times. In this case, the title of the game in the main menu will be displayed with a funny typo: Minecraft can turn into Minceraft. However, it doesn’t necessarily happen. Anyway, such a small detail is what makes this project legendary.






Which mob was once present in the game?

Once there was a very interesting mob in the game – The Giant. It had enormous amount of health points and was almost impossible to kill. However, hitting it on the legs could help dealing with this mob.

The Buffalo

The Horse

The Car

The Giant

Can you sleep during thunderstorms?

You can sleep during thunderstorm (even in the middle of the day).

What was the first name of the game?

When Markus Persson has started the development of the game, the project was called Cave Game. Later it has been changed and acquired its present name. However, the project was first renamed into Order of the Stone, and finally – into Minecraft.

Order of the Stone

Cave Game

Stone World


What language was the basis for Enderman’s speech?

Enderman is a very interesting creature that exists in Minecraft. Its speech is almost impossible to understand. However, most of his phrases can be recognized as English words and expressions (hiya, here, this way, what’s up) recorded backwards.






Which country created its exact copy in Minecraft?

In 2014, Simon Kokkendorff and Thorbjorn Nielsen who worked in the Ministry of Environment created an exact copy of Denmark in Minecraft. This was an attempt to raise interest to the geopolitical data of the country.






We tried hard, but it seems like nothing can surprise you. You know the most interesting details about Minecraft and even more! Tell us, how much time did you spend in a virtual world to acquire such a profound knowledge of all the details? You can start your own gaming courses with a result like that! Will your friends succeed too? Share this test to find out!


Turns out, you know a lot of details about Minecraft! However, we still managed to confuse you, and you made several mistakes. You learned a bit more about this game now. A bit more practice ans training, and you can start your own gaming courses! Will your friends succeed? Share this test to find out!


Seems like you know nothing about this game! It was very easy to confuse you, and most of the answers you gave were wrong. However, there’s the whole new universe of Minecraft that’s waiting for you – with its details and interesting moments that you can discover. We are jealous! What about your friends? Share this link to test their knowledge!