Practice Logical Reasoning Test

Practice Logical Reasoning Test
All our world and all our actions are subordinated to cause-and-effect relations, which are important to notice, and logic can be used to reason through these relations. Check your logical reasoning skills here!

Some hedgehogs are bushes. All bushes like cats. Thus, all hedgehogs like cats.

Wrong. Since only some hedgehogs are bushes, which certainly like cats, the remaining part of hedgehogs are free NOT to like cats in view of the lack of requirement in the provision.



When you're sleeping, you always brumble.

It's simple. If you don't brumble, it means you aren't sleeping.

If you brumble, it means, you're sleeping.

If you don't brumble, it means, you are not sleeping.

If you are not sleeping, you do not brumble

A tree always has...

A tree always has roots.





Two lakes never look alike. Palms and oaks look the same. It means palms and oaks are not two meadows.

False. It’s not that simple. The initial condition tells nothing about meadows, i.e. we have no information about the relation of palms and oaks to meadows. We cannot state that palms and oaks are not meadows.



There are only two types of troples: red and blue. As for this particular trople, it is far from blue.

This trople is red. If there are only blue or red ones, and this one is not blue, it means, it is red.

This trople is blue

This trople is blue-red

This trople is red

Some dogs are wiener dogs. All wiener dogs know three languages.

There are no such wiener dogs, which do not know three languages, among dogs. Since all wiener dogs know ONLY three languages there could be no wiener dogs, which do not know three languages, among dogs

Sometimes wiener dogs, which are dogs, know three languages

Wiener dogs, which know two languages, can be considered dogs

Dogs know three languages, because they are wiener dogs

There are no such wiener dogs, which do not know three languages, among dogs

All answers are wrong

Continue the sequence 3, 8, 15, 24, 35...

+5, +7, +9, +11, +13...





All people are bad. Only bad people deceive or steal. Antony is good. It means, Antony...

Right answer: doesn’t deceive and steal. It’s not said in the condition that Anton is a man, it can be concluded right from the condition that he’s NOT a man (if all people are bad and Anton is good).



Doesn't deceive and steal

Deceives and steals

Doesn't deceive

Doesn't steal

The ratio of wins and losses in a lottery makes it possible to define:

The ratio of wins and losss in lottery makes it possible to define win probability.


A number of participants

A cost of one ticket

Win probability

An abstract logical question. What figure should come next?

Answer 1. If you pay attention to a black triangular element in the figure, you’ll notice that it moves counter-clockwise and should take the lower position next time. All remaining elements also move counter- (a grey triangular) or clockwise (a cross and a naught). Only the first answer is typical of this feature.







Some people are polyglots. Polyglots are one-eyed.

Some people are one-eyed.

Some people are one-eyed.

Polyglots being people are sometimes one-eyed

People with two eyes aren’t polyglots

Polyglots are one-eyed people.

There are 70 sheets of paper on the table. 10 sheets can be counted every 10 seconds. How many seconds it will take to count 50 sheets?

20 sec

20 sec

30 sec

50 sec

What is greater the sum of all numbers or their product?

Of course, sum. Get it: ALL numbers.



Each circle has angles. All circles are yellow. It means, …

All answers are false. The condition tells nothing about acute and blunt angles, it means, the second and the third options are excluded. The fourth option is also excluded since we don’t know whether circles are triangular or not. The first option is excluded since we don’t the color of angles from the condition.

There are circles with yellow angles

There are circles with acute and blunt angles

There are acute and blunt yellow angles

Angles and circles are triangular and yellow

All answers are false

The last question. "Tired" relates to "work" as "proud" to...

"Tired" relates to "work" as "proud" to "success". Effect - cause, effect - cause.




Was it really you?

Variant 1. You were taking the test poking answers by guess. Variant 2. Your logical reasoning is poorly developed. The result you have is often gotten by going in blind. But it's not that bad as it may seem. The main thing is to have a desire to improve yourself and you'll succeed.  

Good job

Your logical reasoning is well developed, a little bit more training and you'll be like Aristotle. However, you may make mistakes in non-standard and intricate cases. Having gotten a conclusion as a result of reasoning, don't hurry to take it for truth. Make it a rule to double-check your conclusions, look for mistakes in them and just weaknesses. Don't be surprised and don't boil over if someone corrects you, perhaps, it's for a reason.


It seems you're close to the logical ideal. Your logic should be applauded. You always build cause-and-effect relations both in simple situations and most intricate ones. Easy and quick learning is also about you. Congrats!  

Not bad

Something tells me you could take this test better. It's not that bad, you have a positive logical potential. I recommend trying to develop it more. It'll come in useful.