How Traditionally Masculine Are You?

How Traditionally Masculine Are You?
Every representative of the stronger sex wants to be an alpha male, masculine and self-confident, the embodiment of physical and mental beauty. Take our quiz to find out whether are you a real man or a little boy.

You're punched. Your actions?

I'll start crying and go away

I'll turn the other cheek

I'll fight back, of course

You're watching a very moving movie with a heart-rending end. You're with your friends. Tears fill your eyes. On a scale from 1 to 10, what's the probability of your crying?

You're at the party. you have a girlfriend but she stays home. A very attractive girl is making a pass at you. Your reaction?

Your house is a real mess. The guests will come soon. What will you do?

I'll clean up

I'll pile all the things in one room and ask not to come in there

No big deal, they'll understand me

Your first date has just ended. Your thoughts:

Maybe I'll call her back, maybe won't - I am a free man

Forget about her right away and will look for yet another passion

I hope we'll meet again

You are getting drunk and feel sad. What will you do?

I'll call my ex-es

I'll get in a fight

I'll go home to sleep

You've met with an accident. An aggressive overstuffed musclehead gets out of the car. Your actions…

I often shut myself in thе car and call biggies

I try to solve the problem peacefully, we're already friends in 5 minutes

I laugh nervously, cry, offer everything I have

You're at the gym. What will you do first?

I'll start working out

I'll sip a smoothie

I'll take a mirror selfie

You've eaten two bigmacks, a big portion of French fries and washed them down with a liter of coke. How do you feel?

Choose one picture

100% man

You're a 100% man. You're decisive, self-sufficient, independent. These are your strengths. You can be relied on and you know why you're living for in this world. Your life principles inspire respect. You're a real ideal of masculinity. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it through.

Your masculinity is hidden deep inside

It's hard to assess you. You're self-sustained and don't depend on anyone. It seems you can be relied on and even have some goals. But all this is kind of hidden deep inside. You haven't had a chance to demonstrate your masculinity yet and you don't look for the reason for it. No one knows how you'll approve yourself in an abnormal situation. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it through.

Still a boy

You have a long way ahead of you to a real man. Masculinity is not typical of you yet. You depend on others and lack clear life goals. But there's a first time for everything. Just make a step forward and try to be accountable for your actions. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how your friends will pull it through.