Minland Quiz. Are you a real citizen of this town?


There are 16 questions for each chapter in this quiz. Test your knowledge about Minland here. Good luck!

How was Minland found and what was the first name of this town?

Minland was found by a group of people. Its first name was Mintland.

What feelings does the full moon trigger?
1 / 10
Imagine walking in the woods and seeing a lost puppy that's asking for help. What's your reaction?
2 / 10
Do you want others to obey you?
3 / 10
Do you believe in true friendship and mutual aid?
4 / 10
Choose the way you look at others:
5 / 10
How would you spend your time that's free from hunting?
6 / 10
Choose an animal that would assist you:
7 / 10
What are the main traits of your personality?
8 / 10
How many friends do you have?
9 / 10
Choose a phrase that describes you best:
10 / 10

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