What % Emotional Are You? The Quiz Will Find Out

What % Emotional Are You? The Quiz Will Find Out
How would you describe your emotional state: impassivity and calmness; or hot temper that is close to aggression? Emotions are a significant part of human nature, and it's important to know how prominent these traits are. This test can help you to learn how emotional you are!

How do you feel before an important discussion or conversation?

I feel like I’m about to faint

A bit nervous. Happens to everyone

It’s just a conversation! Nothing to worry about

When you finish the task with a bit less efficiency than you’ve expected, what do you think?

Oh well, next time I’ll do better

I’d be worried and try to change the situation

I’m so disappointed in myself that can’t start a new one

Have you ever made scenes when angry and irritated?

No! What for?

A couple of times. There were solid reasons for that

Quite often. I need to let my emotions out

The boss has just offered you a promotion. How do you react?

I’m modestly smiling

I’ll tell my family and friends

I’ll let everyone in the office know! I’ll throw a party to celebrate

One of your friends made very you angry. What would you do?

I will be keeping my cool. Anger is not the solution

I’ll talk to him in private

I’ll tell him everything I think without waiting

Your friend has just told you the news that you hadn’t expected to hear. How would you react?

Hmm, cool

Wow, that’s such a great news! Give me more details!

What?! I’d be in shock for the rest of the day

Is it easy for other people to understand your emotions?

I avoid expressing my emotions

I talk to them if there’s something that worries me

I’m like an open book: all my feelings are obvious

What do you do when feeling sad?

I try to distract myself with work

I call a close friend

I watch a sad movie, listen to sad songs – get the full experience of my sadness

You dislike how one of your co-workers behave. Would you tell him about it?

Never. I’ll hide my feelings behind the smile. After all, we are going to work together

I’ll mention it

I won’t be hiding my attitude

Imagine that you’ve bumped into your ex 5 years after breaking up. What would you feel?

Nothing. It’s been 5 years already!

I’d be curious

I’d be embarrassed and nervous

Low emotional level

Events and situations of different kind hardly cause any response or reaction from your side. You know how to keep cool, stay calm and confident. You know how to deal with stress, but this low emotional level create obstacles in your ability to build close relationships with people and understand their feelings. What about your friends? Send this link to find out their emotional level!

Moderate emotional level

Moderate emotional level indicates that you are self-confident, calm and have dignity. Moreover, you are capable of standing your ground without aggression or passivity, you don’t try to escape the problems and prefer to be open about any concerns, needs or troubles. What about your friends? Are they emotional? Send them this test to find out!

High emotional level

You are a very emotional person. Any event or situation is able to captivate you and cause strong emotions – both positive and negative. You can feel the emotions of other people as well, this ability helps you to build close relationships based on trust. However, difficult situations that involve conflicts or hard working tasks might unsettle you for a long time. What about your friends? Are they emotional? Share this link to find out!