Is your husband (partner) lying to you?

Is your husband (partner) lying to you?
Deception and lies in relationships mark the end of the trust. However, some people don't want to see the signs. If you have the feeling something may be off, take this test to find out if your partner is lying to you!

What made you think that your partner is deceiving you?

He started coming back from work later and seems not to notice me at all

He became absent-minded and worried, he sleeps poorly

Nothing special. He didn’t change

What does your partner do if you’re late from work?

I hardly doubt that he will even notices

He will call me to find out where I am

He will come to my office with flowers

Have you ever found evidence – lipstick stains, photos, messages?

I have. However, he made an excuse

No, only some insignificant stuff. I don’t actually remember

Never! Can’t even imagine a thing like that

How often does he makes you compliments?

Does your partner often have urgent tasks or rapid mood swings?

Yes, he behaves strangely

Sometimes, but not too often

Never noticed anything like that

Is your partner able to criticize you?

Yes. There’s always something he dislikes

Only if there’s something serious. And he is often right

Never. I get compliments only

Does he share his feelings and worries with you?

No. He prefers to keep everything to himself

Yes. However, I don’t insist on that

He always tells me about everything that worries him

How often do you go on dates?

Do you have quarrels and conflicts with him?

We do. We might even break up for a while

Yes. But they aren’t serious

Extremely rare. He mostly agrees with everything I say

How does your husband (partner) spend his free time?

I don’t know. He doesn’t report about his activities

Sometimes with me, sometimes with his friends

He’s always with me and helps me with the chores

Keep an eye out

Basing on your answers, we recommend you to pay more attention to your relationship. Your partner is a sociable and open person, sometimes even more than necessary. There’s a high chance that he might be deceiving you to hide some unpleasant situations or his own behavior. It might be a non-serious flirting or large expenses. In this case, it’s better to pay more attention to your other half. What about your friends? Share this test to find out more about their situation!

Loyalty and fidelity

We can say that you’re an incredibly lucky person to get a partner like this one! He’s not into other women, however, he is always nice and open person who likes to socialize. He might have impressive tall tales about his youth and flirtations, but there’s nothing to worry about. Your husband is actually loyal, and your couple will be happy for a long time! What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Endless love

Your partner loves you very much, sometimes even way too much. That’s totally normal if you like such a huge amount of attention from him. He is capable to go through thick and thin for you and do anything to make you happy. There’s no reason to worry about deceptions and lies in this case; they are impossible with a such a tremendous amount of fidelity. What about your friends? Share this link with them to learn the result!