Online Mental Health Screening Quiz

Online Mental Health Screening Quiz
Facing daily challenges and issues is not an easy task, especially if you want to stay cool and be in a good mood at the same time. The smallest things can influence our mental state: from personal life to issues at work. It might be difficult to resist the emotional tension growing in our minds. Let's find out if you have mental stability!

Is it difficult for you keep calm when something important happens?

Yes, I'm usually too emotional about everything

Yes, I feel emotions running through my head, I can deal with them

No, I never let my emotions prevail over me

Entering an elevator you notice a person you don't like. What would you do?

I will wait for another elevator, don't want to see him nearby

I'll take the stairs! Can't breathe the same air with him

I will step inside and keep silence

Have you ever avoided your friends?

Never happened. Why running from problems?

It happens rarely

Yes. Sometimes I don't feel like talking to people, so I avoid them

Before making an important decision you...

I will weigh all pros and cons

Ask my family and friends for advice

Ask my friends, friends of my friends...

Do you think you're able to see yourself form the outside?

No, I always underestimate myself

It's hard, but I manage

I'm my own best critic

What would you do staying at home alone for the whole day?

Would be feeling miserable. I'm not comfortable with being on my own

Would find something to do, because I don't feel comfy

Oh dear, I can finally rest!

Can you state that your control over your life?

Of course! Everything is under control

More or less. Sometimes I think I'm living in a chaos

No, I have no idea what's going on

Are there any people who you can fully trust?

Yes. My friends and my family

No, no relationship is perfect. But I've got good friends

I don't believe in friendship and good relationships with people

Do you sometimes feel being isolated from the world?

Never, I'm a part of it

It happens sometimes, and I feel lost

Yes, no one understands me

How do you cope with stressful situations?

How can I cope with them? I'm just being nervous

I try to prove myself that there's nothing to worry about

Unless it's not a big deal, I just distract myself

Peace and quiet

According to the test results, you have a stable mental state. It might be unbalanced by unpleasant experience, but you know how to recover and get back to normal state in this case. You're filled with energy, rarely feel tired; life is offering you plenty of good emotions and nice surprises. It's important to stay in this state as long as possible! What will this test tell about your friends? Share it with them!

Mood swings

According to the test results, your current mental state is out of danger. However, there's a possibility that your inner peace is synthetic, and everything can change very fast. Unpleasant experience might unsettle you. In this case you feel lost and have no idea how to bring peace and positive attitude back. It's important to get mentally ready for such events! What will this test tell about your friends? Share it with them!

Have a break

Seems like you're really sick of this world, and people get on your nerves. Although your nature doesn't let you give up, unpleasant experience can cut the ground from under your feet. In this case you're becoming lost and can't recover, keep calm and cheerful. You need to gain strength inside yourself, otherwise your mental state will keep destabilizing! What will this test tell about your friends? Share it with them!