Paranoid Personality Disorder Test (PPD Test)

Paranoid Personality Disorder Test (PPD Test)
Paranoia disorder can dramatically affect one's quality of life. Suspiciousness, excessive sensitivity to failures, and taking everything personally stop the person from living a happy life. Take the test and find out whether you have symptoms of this disorder. This test doesn't replace medical diagnostics.

It often seems people discuss you

Assess your resentfulness

If the neighbors above are drilling, do they intentionally do it to annoy you?

No, common renovations

Sometimes it seems everyone wants to get on my nerves

Of course!

If you meet the same person two times a day, what will you think?

Probably, he lives next to me

I don’t like this accident

He follows me

How much do you trust your partner?

Your ideas are often not taken seriously because of envy.

Do you thoroughly close the doors, shut the curtains to prevent anyone getting into the house?

Without going crazy

Sometimes I want to lock myself from everything and everybody


Your face when someone is complimenting you

You don't tend to share information because you believe it will be used against you

Assess your vengefulness

Is everyone looking at you outside?

I don't think!

Sometimes it seems so

Yes, I don't like it at all

You're told you have white and black thinking

Are you uptight about foods and drinks at friends' houses or taking them from colleagues? 0

No, I eat with pleasure

Sometimes I'm very uncomfortable with it

Yes, who knows what they put there

Assess your ability to relax

All your smartphone cameras, cracks in the walls are shut to prevent someone from eavesdropping

You don’t suffer from this disorder

Baseless fears and suspicions aren't typical of you. By all appearances you know how to celebrate life and feel happy. We wish you feel it as long as possible! Share the test result, maybe your friends also want to check themselves! ;)  

The level of your anxiety is high

Probably, you don't suffer from paranoid disorder but anxiety prevents you from relaxing. Perhaps, a psychotherapist's consultation will improve your well-being. Share the test result, maybe your friends also want to check themselves! ;)  

High risk

Probably, you feel that your suspiciousness and anxiety often extend beyond common worry. If your condition bothers you, the professional help of a psychotherapist will improve your well-being. Wish you good health and happiness! Share the test result, maybe your friends also want to check themselves! ;)