Love compatibility quiz - are we an ideal couple?

Lada Khramova
Love compatibility quiz - are we an ideal couple?
There are couples where each member perfectly complements each other, and it seems like they will have a happy future together. Do you think this applies to you and your partner? Our love compatibility quiz can help you sort out complex issues related to romantic relationships. Are you ready to start?

What your couple thinks about quarrels and conflicts?

It's an absolutely normal thing between two people

Quarreling is always bad

Quarrels provide valuable lessons to learn, we try to understand the position of each other

Are you always ready to share the problems that bother you with your partner?

Yeah, sure! This is what relationship is for

No, not always. Some problems are too personal

We rarely discuss these things, why should we?

What are ready to do to make your partner happy?

Anything it takes!

I'm ready to break up, if necessary

Nothing, he's happy as he can be

Has any of you ever made big and important decisions without discussing them with a partner?

Quite often. It's a personal decision, I have nothing to do with it

It happens. However, we discuss all important issues

Never! My opinion matters

How do you spend your evenings?

We dine together, discuss our days

We watch a movie together or read

Everyone is on his own

Are you ready to discuss the things you don't like about your relationship with a partner?

It ends with a quarrel

Of course, how can it be otherwise?

Not really, we discuss only real big stuff

How often do you quarrel?

You have to spend a month on a desert island with your partner. What do you think about it?

You want to discuss your relationship or future with a partner. What reaction do you expect?

I try not to mention these topics, we might argue

I don't expect support, but I know he would listen to me

My partner would be happy to support me

How do you usually spend your vacation?

Traveling together

Make plans together with our friends

We don't share interests, so we split

It's a match made in heaven

Couples like yours are rare thing! It's hard to find them! You value your warm, close relationship that brings you only happiness and you respect each other. You know how to deal with difficulties and find a compromise without arguing. You are an ideal couple! Congrats! Such a result is worth sharing with friends!

Your relationship is good

Your relationship is close to be called perfect, they are based on commitment and respect. Misunderstandings occur too, and no one wants to compromise. You can work on them in the nearest future, but your romance is out of danger. Congrats! Such a result is worth sharing!

You have something to work on

Well, nothing is perfect in this world. Relationship can be imperfect too. Your couple doesn't know what stable and permanent relationship means. You quarrel quite often and can't reach a compromise. You and your partner prefer independence, and it makes it hard to build a future together. But there's always something to look for! What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!