Socionics Personality Test

Socionics Personality Test
Socionics is a conception of 16 types of personality named for famous people. Socionics can tell you a lot about yourself, just choose the statement that fits you best!

Choose a statement you agree with

I’m quick off the mark, ready for movings to new places, don’t afraid of taking the risk

Practical, like to work effectively and profitably

Choose a statement you agree with

I have a fine appreciation of people’s emotions, but sometimes cannot cope with my own ones

I’m always high-spirited, even if there are no reasons

Choose a statement you agree with

I like to analyze, always logically support my point of view

I like when everything conforms to the rules

Choose a statement you agree with

A peacemaker, don’t like to be a witness of quarrels

I evaluate people by their deeds, ready for everything for close ones’ sake

Choose a statement you agree with

Curious, generate many ideas

I make it work at whatever the cost, feel free to use people for my own purposes

Choose a statement you agree with

I can get on the right side of any person, I find people interesting

I often tell people what they want to hear, if it’s profitable for me

Choose a statement you agree with

I like to sit on the sidelines, often correctly predict the course of events

I prefer to act, spending minimum efforts

Choose a statement you agree with

Never say die, always look for a good outcome

I know how to cheer people up, I like pranks and jokes

Choose a statement you agree with

I can stay in the conditions of lack of comfort for a long time. Not demanding about what to wear and where to live

Unpretentious in everyday life, however, if someone takes care of me, it cheers me up. You think better in a pleasant environment

Choose a statement you agree with

Don’t like the state of uncertainty, to wait when a waiting period is unknown

Unpredictability and uncertainty scare me. Don’t like multiple-option situations

Choose a statement you agree with

Not adapted for monotonous physical work, however, I can do not wearisome, but painstaking work requiring concentration

Can do monotonous work with pleasure, given that I understand it and it’s within my powers

Choose a statement you agree with

I try to do as much as possible, I often do several things at the same time, can overload myself with work

I take pleasure in doing intensive but fruitful work, which brings positive results

Choose a statement you agree with

I don’t like formalities in relationships, I often break subordination, don’t feel the nuances of relations, their distance

I attentively listen to people and can give a sound advice, but cannot always cope with others’ emotions

Choose a statement you agree with

My emotional state depends on the emotions of people around me. Easily get others’ emotions, venturous

Try not to express any emotions, too boisterous emotions scare me

Choose a statement you agree with

Don’t like to wait too long and spend too much time performing some task. Try not to set too long-term goals requiring a lot of time

Well see prospects and opportunities, but often don’t use them and then regret it

Choose a statement you agree with

Don’t like to be passive, always find occupation even when I’ve nothing to do

I often spend a lot of time on small things letting slip urgent matters

Choose a statement you agree with

I carry out an activity only when I’m sure it will be profitable and successful

Need clear organized order around myself

Choose a statement you agree with

Like to take care of people, feed them with tasty food

Feel things, know how to handle them to make them live long

Choose a statement you agree with

I always try to come in time, estimate strengths and time to do everything. I organize work so as to save time and use it rationally

Any pressure is hard for me, I’m not able to force others and can’t stand direct pressure towards me

Choose a statement you agree with

Know how to take a hold on me, bear difficulties with fortitude can make myself take on what is not interesting but necessary

Critically treat my abilities, often understate them when someone notices and appreciates them

Choose a statement you agree with

Very actively defend my point of view. React strongly against efforts to subordinate me to baseless restrictions

Regarding the protection of my territory, power game, I easily resort to open conflict, if a situation requires it, but soon I calm down and shift to peaceful methods of solving disputable problems

Choose a statement you agree with

I get to benefit from any undertaking, often don’t like a routine business and prefer to relegate it, stepping in the matter only in emergency situations

Sometimes I have short mood swings – from exultancy to gloomy pessimism – which passes away soon

Choose a statement you agree with

I’m rarely ready for a real radical step, but I’ll keep a close watch on another person who decided to do something offbeat to find out how it will end

I skeptically treat my own abilities, I’m afraid of appearing talentless and non-demanded

Choose a statement you agree with

Appreciate pleasant relationships. Try to leave uncomfortable relationships preferring full loneliness to them

Easily make a compromise. Don’t like to intrude and obtrusive people

Jack London - logical-intuitive extrovert

You're a man of enterprise, you can turn on the heat. Prone to innovations, notice new theories and developments, aim to find their practical application. You often take interest in hikes, tourism, mountain climbing, running, etc. You baldly experiment. Always know where you're heading for and can explain this goal to people. Don't afraid of taking the risk, relying on your intuition. The most unusual ideas occur to you, you have exuberant imagination. A good inventor. Always work ahead of schedule, knowing that tomorrow it will be late. Like nature. Have interests in various areas.

Shtirlitz - logical-sensory extrovert

Some of your key qualities are pushiness and commitment. Like to work, cannot twiddle your thumbs. Fight against chaos and disorder wherever you are. Your sense of responsibility is well developed. You prefer doing rather than speaking. Show a strong dislike for trickiness and cunning, you straightly express your opinion. Put kindness and high quality before all else. Always come to help when a physical danger threatens people. Act in this situation bravely and decisively. Very caring, provide your close ones with material wealth. If you take a rest, you do it as thoroughly as you work. 

Hamlet - ethical-intuitive extrovert

Have deep emotionality, have a fine appreciation of other people's state. A romantic in feelings, you're artistic and high-minded. Easily manage external expression, moving from dramatism to life affirmation. Attuned to exceptionally polite communication, with no rudeness and pushes. Well feel an alarm situation, prepare to it beforehand - thinking over backup versions. Take interest in topics related to mysterious phenomena. Like to retire and reflect on the meaning of life, the past, and the future. Consider all problems from a global point of view. 

Hugo - ethical-sensory extrovert

You're emotional and sociable. Know how to perk up one's mood, to cheer up. Gladly tell about your relations, contacts. Emotions change sharply: now you're merry and friendly and then quick-tempered and angry. Keep an eye on the manners and correct behavior of people around. Caring and hospitable, you can create coziness from what you have at hand. Thoroughly look after your and your close ones' well-being and health. Like to give gifts and rub the right way. A great organizer of leisure time and festive occasions.

Robespierre - logical-intuitive introvert

You have developed logic and an ability to analyze. Can clearly separate the main from the minor. Structures, classifications, concepts - are all about you. Objective and harsh in estimations and principal assessments. Ignore the rules, which you aren't happy with. Having handled a problem, you bring forward fundamentally new solutions. Broadminded about other points of view and lifestyles. People around often cannot understand your behavior since you make many decisions intuitively - through guess. Keep up the conversation only when it touches upon the topics significant to you.  

Maxim Gorky - logical-sensory introvert

Your distinctive qualities in business relationships are accuracy and specificity. Study details in depth, thoroughly prepare events. Put business before moods. Taking into account laws and instructions, your personal possessions are always in fine feather. People can always count on you. Bear the ills of life with fortitude. You're a person of willed self-possession, diligent and endurant. Persevering and strict when carrying out assignments as well as checking them. You take people at a loss under your wing explaining what way the work should be done in. In assessments, you're a cold-eyed realist, can't stand pipedreams. Prove your rightness referring to numerous collected facts.

Dostoevsky - ethical-intuitive introvert

Your main trait is humanism and sympathy for people. You maintain healthy, kind relationships with everybody. A peacemaker: you know how to harmonize hostile parties, but staying objective at the same time. Listening to people, you relieve their emotional stress. You don't store up bitterness, forgive your offenders and ill-wishers. Always ready come to help to people who ask it. Do not want any part of violence, opposing calm persistence and self-possession to it. Although you're large-hearted and flexible, you don't forgive betrayal and injustice. Notice alternatives and neglects in new endeavors. Disclose human vices, but put it in a tactful form.

Dreiser - ethical-sensory introvert

You're a person with uncomplying principles and great patience. Feel ill-wishers, sharply diving people on friends and foes. Give a moral appraisal to people's deeds. Support order and cleanness in your territory. Don't recognize friendship and love without mutuality Making a decision, you internally weigh the heaviness of a fault. Actively protect yourself and your close ones from attacks. If you decide to revenge, you can find the opponent's rawest spot. Don't allow to catching you on the back foot. Practical in everyday matters - bring into play everything that you can find. 

Don Quixote - intuitive logical extrovert

You see far prospects well, you always have many new ideas and projects. Take interest in all and sundry in the hope to find something unique. Treat past achievements depreciatingly. You do what is interesting to you and not what guarantees a real return. Contemplate a lot inside, searching for regularities in events. Quite absent-minded - lose small things over and over again. Your logic seems paradoxical to other people. Don't afraid of going against an established opinion if you consider it an obsolete one. Aim to make a large discovery or an invention. 

Zhukov - sensory-logical extrovert

You're a decisive and goal-oriented person. Bring people under your control. Prefer only big goals and head for them despite everything. A flexible tactician, don't disregard temporary compromises. Your persistence grows proportionally to the number of obstacles you need to overcome. Can concentrate all efforts at the crucial moment. Logically calculate the action plan beforehand as if playing a game of chess. Aim to give directions to others, but you don't stand bossy tone. Control business by the final result, usually take the position of the shadow leader. 

Huxley - intuitive-ethical extrovert

You're sharp-witted: you well recognize motives, which drive people. Reach out for talented and ingenious persons. Know how to encourage a person, to bring hope. Give advice how to find a way out of difficult life situations. You're an altruist: you can do more for people you feel a sympathy for than they expect. You're easy to talk to, you incline people to trust with your sincerity and warmth. Take offence if don't get emotional response. Aim to manage people's feelings. 

Napoleon - sensory-ethical extrovert

You're self-confident, often have leadership skills. Pushing and active, reach after practical activity in the area of communications. Prefer to solve problems immediately, otherwise, you could cool down due to your fluid nature. Pay great attention to prestigious appearance. Discuss politics and management topics a lot. Aim for new impressions. Like to be in the limelight, evoke admiration. Know who to strike up useful acquaintances and use them. A master of political tacking between opposing parties. You put up with people as easily as you quarrel with them.

Balzac - intuitive-logical introvert

You're good at noticing contradictions and omissions in business and words. Skeptically evaluate prospects of hasty endeavors. Can give the accurate characteristics of a person, predict his main responses. Ironical. Patiently lead a person to a necessary step, preparing him in advance. Take on only business, which brings reliable profit. Economical with money. You do work accurately, taking your time, entering into details. You calculate everything in mind, trying to control the process. Know how to use gathered information profitably.  

Gabin - sensory-logical introvert

You appreciate the comfort and good quality things. Prefer comfortable clothes rather than ostentatious beauty. Pretty handy. Overreact to outside touches and bad smells. Like calm communication with nature, caring for family and close ones. Some of your qualities are prudence and thrift. You are inventive in everyday life and at work, which is after your own heart. Skeptical to claims and summons, rely only on common sense. You're obstinate and uncompromising in what you believe is right. Although you're mistrustful of new ideas, having checked them in practice, you're able to benefit at most.   

Esenin - intuitive-ethical introvert

A dreamy romantic and visionary. Curious, fascinated with everything new, unusual, beautiful. Can be persevering in asks, if a strong desire drives you. Know how to seize the moment to approach a person. Freely handle your and others' time. You're an emotional and charming person. Smile even when you're talking unpleasant things. Make an impression with unexpected, sometimes extravagant actions and statements. Have a keen sense of humor. Know how to console a person, to cheer up.

Dumas - sensory-ethical introvert

You are always a friendly and nice person to talk too. Always have regard for your comfort and the comfort of others. Attentive to and caring for your close ones. Take the golden middle position in a team. Like beautiful things and homishness. Emotional and internally sensitive. Try to cheer people up with jokes, hints, pranks. Know how to agree with people in an informal setting. Keep out of disputes and showdowns since you want to be at peace with everybody.