Can You Name the Country From Its National Dish?

National dishes should never be ignored when visiting a new country. Even if you don't travel, it's worth finding out about the cuisines of different places and trying a few recipes. This quiz has the world's tastiest dishes, but how much do you know about them?

Do you know where does goulash originate from?

Goulash is a national dish of the Hungarians: pieces of beef or veal stewed with smoked fat, onion, pepper, and potatoes. Initially, the soup with various supplements was a traditional food of Hungarian shepherds and was cooked on the fire in pots.





What are the ingredients of the dish with a beautiful name of beshbarmak?

It means "five fingers" because people originally ate this dish with their hands. The boiled meat (mutton or beef) is cut in pieces, mixed with boiled noodles and then seasoned with onion sauce

Mutton+dough+a lot of onion+spices



Nuts+honey+grape juice

How do moules-frites look like in your opinion?

Moules-frites are a purely Belgian invention and these are mussels served in a big casserole with a portion of French fries. As a rule, these are the mussels from the North Sea, which can be cooked in different ways.

What is arepa?

Arepa is flapjacks made of maize or dough, which are grilled or fried on the frying pan to get the tastiest wispy texture. People usually eat them for breakfast or as a lunch snack. Butter, cheese, eggs, chorizo or hogao (onion sauce) are often put on the top.

Cookies from Brazil

A milk dessert from Argentine

Columbian flapjacks made of maize dough

Mexican shawarma

What is the difference of Pag cheese from other varieties?

Pag cheese is a Croatian variety of hard sheep milk cheese. It originates from the island of Pag and it's so famous that it's exported across the world.

it's hard and made of sheep milk

Vegans can eat it

It looks like sour cream by its texture

It has a lot of spices and greens

How does Rosti look like?

Grated potatoes, which are fried on the frying pan until golden brown. Originally, it was farmers' breakfast in the canton of Bern, but the taste of this dish made it popular all over the country.

What is phat thai?

This dish was invented in Thailand in the 1930s and since then it remains iconic across the nation. Thin rice noodles are fried with tofu and shrimps and seasoned with sugar, tamarind, vinegar, chili, and fish sauce. It tastes very piquant and delicious.

Noodles from Thailand

An Indian dessert

Small sausages from Cambodia

Chinese shashliks

What country is the native land of fo?

Fo is a dish of Vietnamese cuisine, a soup with noodles where beef or chicken or sometimes pieces of fried fish or fish balls are added when serving.





Choose the ingredients of ratatouille…

Ratatouille is a vegetable dish of French (Provence) cuisine, which even became the hero of a world-renowned animated film. The title is derived from the words "rata" — food and "touiller" — to stir.

Pudding is a traditional dessert made of…

Pudding is a traditional English dessert made of eggs, cereals, milk, curd, flour, and fruits. There are many versions of this dish different in the combination of ingredients and ways of cooking.





What do you need to make guacamole?

Guacamole is a sauce of Mexican cuisine made of avocado, lemon juice and salt. It may also contain other ingredients: tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, garlic, coriander, seasonings.

How do gyros look like?

Gyros are made of meat (beef, veal, pork or chicken) cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served with tomato, onion and various sauces. It's said the best and biggest gyros can be tries in the north of the country. Moreover, they're often served with cacik in the south and with mustard and ketchup in the north.

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