This Quiz Will Tell Which Psychological Complex Do You Have

This Quiz Will Tell Which Psychological Complex Do You Have
A psychological complex is a distorted view of a person about themself, their abilities, and qualities. Some of them can cause serious inconveniences, while others are weak and don't disturb a person. They might even become the driving force behind a person. Therefore, it's important to know if you have any complexes and what they mean!

What kind of partner would like to see next to you?

Sweet and kind, so there won't be conflicts

I don't think I deserve any

The one who will love me no matter what

The one who will support and praise me

Are you afraid of making a mistake?

Yes. My reputation depends on it

Yes. I don't want to let other people down

Yes. The problem might be way too difficult

No. I never make mistakes

No. It wouldn't be my fault

Do you like to be praised?

No. I'm afraid I don't deserve it

Yes. It gives me strength

Yes. I need to know that I'm not suffering in vain

What does irritate you most?

Weak and hesitant people

Undeserved praise


Lack of attention from others

Almost everything. I find it hard to deal with any issue

Lack of approval of my actions

Imagine that you're discussing your problems with a close friend. What will tell him?

About personal growth and development

I don't know where to start. I have so many things to say

About my rage that disturbs me

About my inability to say 'No'

About myself and my achievements

About mistakes and flaws of others people that disturb me

What's your weakness?

I have none

Laziness and weakness



Soft nature and acquiescent

I create problems out of nothing

Are you capable of controlling your emotions?

I often can't control them

I can't be called a sensitive person

I might get emotional and show my weak parts

How do you usually deal with stress?

I don't. I let it take over me

I'm drowning myself in work

I can deal without any help

Call my friends or family

What would you never give up?

My career ambitions

My inner strength

My family

Most often, you're told that you are:




Love to exaggerate


Not at fault

Could you go outside in your home outfit or sportswear?

Why not? I don't care about opinion of others

No way!

It's pathetic, but I do it sometimes

In a group picture you can be found:

In the center

Standing somewhere I can be seen, but without drawing too much attention

Hiding behind others

I refuse to take photos, and then I regret

What do you feel when someone's paying you a compliment?

In your opinion, how can a person get love and approval of the others?

By showing his strength and determination

By proving that he's worth it

By helping others and being responsible

Love can be deserved only through suffering

What are talking about? Everyone already loves me

Make a sacrifice

Hostility complex

Hostility complex is a negative attitude towards people who are weaker than you. You don't feel like you want to help or support a person in need, but show your aggression and hostility. A person with such a complex often feels comfortable around kind and soft person who can follow the orders without complaint. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome is a person's inability to acknowledge your achievements and success. It's common complex among people who achieved high positions in the society. Despite the obvious and visible proof, people who has impostor syndrome give credit to fate, lucky chance and help of others. They don't want to acknowledge the fact that it's them who achieved these results due to hard word and talents. These people always think they are overestimated. They are afraid of praise and avoid talking about their merits. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Guilt complex

A person with guilt complex is constantly looking for punishment without even realizing it. These people aren't able to say 'No'. They think they might hurt someone by their refusal. Their sense of responsibility is exaggerated, their conscience is way more developed countries n comparison with others. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Martyr complex

Martyr complex is a person's tendency to create as many problems as possible in order to attract attention to himself. Such a person has a tendency to dramatize and exaggerate his own issues. Any smallest failure for him is an insurmountable problem. They get attention and care in the forms of pity and compassion. They don't realize that suffering isn't the only way to be loved. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Superiority complex

Superiority complex is ungrounded confidence of a person in his own exceptionality. A person with a such a complex regularly pays drawing attention to himself; he is braggart and arrogant. As soon as he notices indifference of other people, he becomes emotionally unstable. These people are easy to manipulate. A couple of compliments are enough to make a person act in the name of his sweet talker. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!

Victim complex

Victim complex is a characteristic of person who has a tendency to blame other people in his failures and laziness. These people often use their complaints to get secondary gains. Thus, they get an attention through emphasizing their sacrifice. It serves as a motivation for them, because they are in a constant need of approval. What about your friends? Share this test to learn more about them!