What Type of Mom Are You?

What Type of Mom Are You?
Being a parent is always hard and those who manage to succeed should be awarded a medal! There's no perfect family, as everyone has different views on motherhood, and what some like doesn't fit others. Certainly, you're a caring and loving mother, but which parenting style is best for you?

When you're very tired and want to take a rest, the best solution will be...

An interesting lecture or a workshop

To throw a party

To gather with your family

To clean up

Your friend's telling you about something interesting but suddenly your kid starts calling you and complaining about a hard school day. Your reaction?

I'll ask him/her who offended him/her and go to sort out things

He/she shouldn't distract me, that's dangerous, I may burst up

I'll say that he/she should get his/her stuff together and wipe snot. One shouldn't get sluggish!

I'll offer to go out, chill out

Walking across a store your kid's noticed an expensive toy and asks you to buy it. What will you do?

I'll say firmly I won't buy the toy

We'' pass a few stores, choose the best one and buy it

I'll buy, of course

I'll buy a toy but choose it on my own

On the playground, you see that someone is scolding your kid out loud. What are the chances of your intervention?

If you realize that your kid has problems, what's better to do?

Leave him/her alone - let him/her deal with them on his/her own

To give him/her advice, teach him/her life

I 'll ask what can I do and do everything that depends on me

To have a heart to heart talk, discuss everything

While you were walking with your kid outside, he/she has found a new friend and now meets him/her with you. What will you do?

I'll invite him/her over, we'll sit around together

I'll give him.her a double take and then we'll see

I'll start telling him/her how wonderful is my kid

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm very friendly and other time I don't want to be bothered

Spare the rod and spoil the child. Do you agree with this proverb?

your kid comes home dirty but very happy. Your reaction?

If your kid did a foolish thing, you think...

That's what I've got for a kid?

Let him/her explain his/her behavior

If he'she'd followed my advice...

Not a big deal

Your kid's crying and want to climb into your bed. What will you say?

I want to sleep too. I don't need tantrums!

I'll say that there's nothing to be afraid of and he/she has to pull himself/herself up

Of course, I'll calm him/her down

I'll sort things out with everybody who hurt him/her


You like control very much, often worry over trifles and focus on the external side of life - made impression and image are important to you. The children of this mom tend to be responsible for their relationships, they can be relied on in anything. They highly appreciate persistency and diligence, these are important character features to them. However, it always seems to these kids that the opnion of other people is more important than theirs. They live with a feeling that the whole world is watching them and ready to condemn them. Tell about this quiz your friends, let's find our their result!

Unpredictable mother

You're a restless, irritable, emotional woman who sometimes cannot dominate her emotions and her changeable mood determines her parent style. These mothers make up problems and crises in their heads and then contaminate their children with this taught condition. The kids of these mothers have developed empathy, they get along with people. These children grow with an established need for caring about people and their mental problems, however, they can be irrtable and prone to depressions at the same time. Tell about this quiz your friends, let's find our their result!

Mom-Best Friend

These moms deal with kids on equal terms, unconsciously wanting to escape responsibility for them. The kids of these mothers understand the importance of borders between parents, kids, friends and parents. They often realize that they take the leading position in the relationship with mom and take the responsible role of an adult. Tell about this quiz your friends, let's find our their result!

Ahead of everything

One of the most widespread styles of motherhood. The kids of these moms have a true talent for supporting others, they have keen senses and understand people in all types of relationships. They're also loyal and sympathetic, able to take other's needs to heart and solve other people's problems. It's hard for them to trust their own feelings in any situation since the mother's opinion was always the most significant for them. Tell about this quiz your friends, let's find our their result!