Largest Lakes Of The World Quiz

Largest Lakes Of The World Quiz

While we may know the names of many lakes, we often don't know what they look like. Take this quiz to clear things up!

What's the name of this lake?

Como is Italy's third biggest lake. It's 47 km long and up to 4 km wide. With its depth reaching 410 meters, it's one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Lake Como is located 40 km to the north of Milan at 199 meters above the sea level. On its southern side, the mountains reach 600 meters. On its northern side, the mountain range is even higher (2, 400 meters). The river that feeds the lake is called Adda. Lake Como got its name from the town located on its shores.





What lake is this?

Lake Balaton is located in the west of Hungary. 197 km long, the lake's shore line has become a famous resort with its magnificent beaches, volcanic mountains, towns, and hotels. On the northern shore, there are vineyards and the National Park which is a major tourist attraction.





What lake is it?

Lake Victoria is the world's second-biggest fresh water lake. After the building of the Owen Falls dam in 1954, the lake has been turned into a water reservoir. Lake Victoria is known for its islands, Ukereve being the biggest of them. Today the lake is owned by three states, and has different names in each of them. In 1960, the three countries discussed the possibility of calling the lake by the same name. The proposed names in Swahili language were "freedom", "union", and "unity." However, the compromise was not reached.

Lake Victoria

Upper Bolivia



What lake is it?

Lake Ticicaca is the biggest fresh water lake in South America. The origins of the name are unknown. It includes the two words: "Titi" means "puma" and "caca" means "rock." Thus, Titicaca literally means "stone puma." From above, the lake really looks like a puma, which is a sacred animal of the Quechua.

Lake Superior




What lake is it?

Big Salt Lake is a salt water lake in the west of the USA, in the north-west of Utah. Its predecessor was a large fresh water lake Bonneville that didn't enter the ocean. Until the arrival of the Mormones in 1848, the shores of the lake looked like a desert. Thanks to artificial irrigation, the shores started to serve as agricultural fields.

Salt Lake

Queens Lake

Harlem Shake

Big Lake

What lake is it?

Baikal is an ancient fresh water lake in Siberia. Lake Baikal was formed as an ancient rift valley. It's surrounded by mud volcanoes and mountains. It's shape resembles a sickle.





What's the name of this lake?

Lake Michigan is a fresh water lake in the USA. It's the only of the Great Lakes that is fully located in the US. It's located to the south of Lake Superior and is connected with Lake Huron through the Straits of Mackinac. Hydrographically, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron form a single water system, but geographically they're considered individual lakes.





What's the name of the lake in the picture?

Lake Nicaragua is the biggest lake in Central Africa. Although the lake is filled with fresh water, it's become home for rays, silverfish, and sharks. Originally, the scientists believed that the lake was inhabited by endemic sharks. In 1961, it was discovered that Lake Nicaragua was home to bull sharks, which are a very common species.





What lake is it?

The unique thing about this shallow endorheic lake is that it's located in the territories of 4 states in Central Africa: Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria. When the lake's water levels rise high, the water starts to flow in the riverbed of the Bahr-el-Ghazal, towards the Bodele Depression.






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What lake is this?
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