Test Your Mental Rigidity and Flexibility

Test Your Mental Rigidity and Flexibility
Rigid thinking is a feature that indicates the inflexibility of perception. It's very hard for people to change their minds and adapt to circumstances. Is your mind flexible? Take this test to find out your rigidity level.

Assess your annoyance when someone distracts you during working

Do you walk the same routes?

No, I like to change routes periodically

It depends on my mood

Yes, I walk the same paths

You're easily carried away with something new

You're invited to a traditional family celebration. What is your mood?

How careful and pedantic are you?

Do you calmly go outside without worrying that you might forget to turn off the iron or the oven?

No, I'm just freaking out about it

Most often, I'm calm

Yes, I'm cool as ice

Do you like to rewatch movies and reread books?

No, there are still so many interesting things!

There's a couple of movies I like rewatching

Yes, I have a thing for rewatching and rereading

Assess your patience

You like to change surroundings and visit new places

Are you considered a stubborn person?

No, I easily make a compromise


Quite often

If you're asked to do a creative task, how will you react?

Can you be on good terms with people whose actions you don't approve?

Yes, I can

It depends


Do you like classical clothing style?

No, I like to change the style


Yes, classics is the best

It's easy to score a point against you

Assess the willingness you set about a new work

You almost always uphold your promises

You're mobile!

You're quick off the mark and can be flexible. A quick reaction, involvement and sometimes haste make you different. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Happy medium

You demonstrate both mobility and rigidity features. Sometimes it's very easy for you to switch your attention and other times it takes effort. You're able to think both in a creative and standard way. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You're prone to rigidity

You need time to enter the conversation, in return your thoughts are stated clearly and accurately for a person you talk to. It's quite hard for you to make a decision and you often doubt about it. You're stable and don't like unpredictability. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)